Copy of Chris Gilpin

Chris Gilpin

Strategic Business Coach

Sydney, Australia | Mastering Communication Graduate

“You’re out of your seat constantly throughout the two days, really thinking about the various aspects of communication that we’re delving into – really interactive and immersive!”

Already an experienced speaker and facilitator, our Mastering Communication program caught Chris’ eye as an opportunity to transfer his knowledge into the video conferencing medium and optimise his role as Strategic Business Coach at Actionable. Immersed in our unique methodology, he not only gained practical learning experience, he was inspired by his peers and stayed connected with the group after the program.

How would you describe the learning experience of this program?

Chris says the methodology is easily learnt by observing the facilitators, doing various activities and through deep group discussion. “You get to be immersed in it, while also being able to put yourself in it”.

He believes the program works to grow your strengths and abilities, no matter what your background or level of experience is when you begin.

He describes the overall experience as “interactive and immersive”.

What 3 key elements did you like most about the program?

Discovering the vocabulary of gestures was a key takeaway for Chris. “Engaging with people using your hand gestures has been really interesting to focus on”.

Having come from a background in facilitation, Chris is accustomed to Q&A time with all types of audiences. “Now going to a mode where I’m managing those questions has been a really big shift.”

Chris describes himself as “naturally a very loud individual”, which is why the auditory element of our methodology also stood out for him. “To actually think about projecting and not shouting has been a really big step.”

What changes have you noticed since the program?

Chris ran a 3-day Leadership program after our training and found the experience to be different when he implemented the methodology.

“It was really interesting for me to go through that experience having gone through it so many times in the past”.

“The big shift was in the positioning at the start of the program”, he says. By placing the emphasis on what the audience were going to get, before introducing himself which he says shifted their initial experience and continued to “bleed through the following 3-days”.

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