case study

Trevor Gamell

Services Account Executive

Dallas, USA

| Mastering The Pitch

“It really differentiates what we do and how we invest in people.”

Now a Services Account Executive with SAP, Trevor became aware of The Colin James Method® as part of his training SAP Sales Academy 8-month internship in 2020. He was keen to gain confidence in his public speaking skills to help him flourish in his current sales focused role.

What outcomes did you want to achieve from the training?

“I had one big outcome that I wanted from the training and that was to gain confidence in public speaking.” Trevor knew entering into his field team at the end of the academy was going to stretch his comfort levels and push him beyond his existing skill set.. He wasn’t just going to be delivering messages to clients. It was also going to be to new managers, other people on his field team as well as other salespeople that he worked with. He knew this training would.

What were the highlights of the CJM training?

The course consisted of two 4-hours sessions virtually with our facilitation and coaching team and through the training, Trevor learned the importance of using his voice for impact and effect when delivering a presentation. “When I presented an impactful number, I wanted to let it sit there. I would deliver that number very slowly… and then pause… and just let the audience think about that.” Trevor also learned how to use his hands and visuals more consciously when he delivered to support his message. “Visuals before Colin James, I only thought of PowerPoint or maybe someone doing a whiteboard. But you have to use yourself as much as you can, especially in the virtual world.” After the first three to four months of COVID, Trevor noticed the delivery of every virtual presentation he attended was on the same level and with the same similar energy. “Every presentation you sat in was the same. And Colin James taught us how we can elevate that. And, you know, really make people listen.”

What impact has the training had on your career?

“Since finishing the Colin James training, I was able to score first on the capstone that was the conclusion of the academy. I was very pleased with that and I owe so much of it to the Colin James training.” Subsequently, when Trevor later transitioned into his field role, he was able to close a deal within the second month of being in the role. “Very proud of that accomplishment and it all goes back to that confidence I gained from the training.”

Would you recommend this training to others?

Trevor would recommend the Colin James training to two groups of people. “First, are people like myself who knew there was a gap in their confidence and especially with public speaking, but more towards the executive level, because there’s just a visible gap.” And the second group Trevor would recommend the training to are the people that think they have it down-pat and have been doing it for years. “There’s a lot of sessions that we’ve attended and everything sounds the same. And it’s all about breaking apart from that group.” Differentiating yourself from others and making sure that you don’t get stuck in a rut with your delivery style and energy.

How was the training different to others you’ve experienced?

You can tell the difference especially with regards to other training that helps with confidence and public speaking. “You can see the impact when you meet someone and they’re speaking or they have a presentation and you’re like, they’ve gone through the [The Colin James Method®] training. It’s something that you can visibly see and hear and I truly think it’s unlike any other training offered.”

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