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Discover the secrets to building greater confidence and engagement every time you communicate with world-class online communication skills training.

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Skills You Learn

What will you learn?

Are you an individual seeking to develop your skills or an organisation with just a handful of staff?

Communicate with confidence
Feel more confident communicating with different seniority levels.
Boost influence and buy-in
Be memorable every time, effortlessly nail your opening and influence.
Relevant business storytelling
Use conversational business stories to motivate, engage and change behaviour.
Engaging presentation skills
Use your physiology, voice, visual aids to design and deliver confidently without slides.
Prepare and rehearse like a pro
Save time and prepare confidently using a simple and trustworthy design tool.
Build executive presence
Develop a strong personal brand that allows you to stand out and have impact internally.
Manage questions with ease
Build rapport quickly and calmly deal with difficult conversations and questions.
Lead positive change
Clearly articulate your organisation's vision and strategy. Making it relevant to teams and clients.
virtual scenarios

A new way to practice

Unique to our course, VR influenced tech from VirtualSpeech allows you to easily rehearse - without the stress of a live audience or VR goggles!

Program Details

Online Modules

100% Online. training modules.

A self-paced journey. Forget the boring e-learning of your past! Work your way through engaging and interactive online modules.


A warm welcome from our Co-Founders. Giving you insight into what to expect, and preparing your mindset for the journey ahead. You’ll also gain access to valuable resources that you will keep for life.

1. Course overview
2. Introducing the Play.Book. and templates
3. The importance of communication skills
4. Setting your learning objectives

2 Bite-sized videos, 2 Exercises

Understanding your audience

To be heard your people need to grab their audience’s attention by speaking to their concerns and priorities. Explore how to diagnose an audience by looking at the outcome from their point of view.

1. Understand the audiences and what they need
2. Tailor messages to be relevant to them
3. Identify what you want them to feel, think and do
4. Get started building your own world-class communication

5 Bite-sized videos, 3 Exercises

Nailing the opening

An introduction to a framework that helps you to make a stellar first impression, every time.

1. How to nail the opening and close of a communication
2. Overcoming your audience's fears and objections with ease
3. Introducing yourself with confidence and authority
4. Key steps to deliver a presentation with little time to prepare.
5. Rehearsal time - Practice the first few steps in a virtual scenario!

6 Bite-sized videos, 4 Exercises

6 key elements to engage
Delivery intro

We now shift gear to focus fully on your delivery. How do you make your ideas shine? How do you engage your audience and leave them with a repeatable message?

1. An introduction to our core delivery methodology
2. How to overcome negative self-talk and increase your confidence

2 Bite-sized videos, 1 Exercises

Using your body and gestures

Keeping people interested and attentive is a challenge with so many things competing for their time and energy. Becoming gesturally aware will help you stand out before you speak a word.

1. Learn how to use your physiology to enhance your messages
2. Using anchoring to aid comprehension
3. Using your hands artfully to control your impact
4. Practice anchoring in a virtual scenario.

6 Bite-sized videos, 3 Exercises

Auditory, visual aids & energy

Communication means nothing to an audience without tone, visuals and the speakers' ability to convey context through energy and emotion. Learn the skills to make your message shine.

1. Ensure your communication is infused with interest, variety and impact
2. Exploring visual aids beyond PowerPoint
3. How to project the right energy and integrate humour effectively

6 Bite-sized videos, 1 Exercises

Connecting with your audience

Using people's names, inviting interaction, referencing and acknowledging people's input. Experiment with techniques to ensure you build effective relationships during your communication.

1. Using language artfully to strengthen your message and be inclusive
2. Build the skills to connect and bond with any audience
3. Managing questions and crowds like a pro
4. Practise answering questions in a virtual scenario.

8 Bite-sized videos, 3 Exercises

Persuasive storytelling

Stories save a lot of words because they help the listener create meaning and encourage them to make their own connections as they hear them. Overcome the fear of using them in business settings.

1. Learn how stories transform your impact
2. Build your own repertoire of stories
3. Key steps to telling stories that motivate, inspire and engage

2 Bite-sized videos, 4 Exercises

Put it all into practice (Now with Virtual Scenarios!)

Time to put all your skills together. Firstly you'll review Colin's delivery, then perfect your own delivery in the virtual scenarios. Learning how to successfully rehearse and seek feedback. Look out for bonus content on building a personal brand at work!

1. Nail the opening
2. Building your reputation at work
3. Three steps to rehearse effectively
4. Perfect your own delivery

3 Bite-sized videos, 4 Exercises

Closing the loop
Next steps

A final round up and then we provide you with your certificate and some helpful steps to continue your learning journey.
1. Reflect on your journey
2. Next steps to continue your success

2 Exercises

Unlimited access to all training modules and documentation for 4 months

Upon completion receive a digital certificate, and LinkedIn certification.



Led by our expert trainers

Internationally acclaimed speakers, corporate facilitators and coaches guide you through the course.

Get 24/7 access for 4-months

Start learning world-class communication skills that powerfully influence others. Access the equivalent of 3.5 days of live training in an accessible, self-paced online format.

Immediate access
Business relevant tips
Bite-sized videos
Downloadable resources
Multimodal content
Virtual practise scenarios
Supportive quizzes
Digital certificate
Team Training_Targeted delivery
Have a small team?
Save 10% when you purchase 3-10 licences.

Level up their communication skills and save 10%. Your multi-purchase discount will be automatically applied in your cart.


Your top 5 questions answered

How long does the course take to complete?
Mastering Communication Online is self-paced which means you have the flexibility to choose how and when you want to study.

You have the freedom to learn at your own pace, with up to 20 hours of material and exercises included.

You will have 4-months unlimited access to the course content, giving you plenty of time to take in the breadth of content.
Will I receive a completion certificate?
You'll receive a The Colin James Method® certificate of completion at the end of this program. You can add this to your LinkedIn profile and CV to demonstrate your achievement.
How do I maintain momentum on an online course?
The combination of live training videos, templates, exercises and a helpful Play.Book, ensures skill development is sustained. Keep on track with emails and app notifications, helping maintain progress.
Where can I practice my communication skills?
Ongoing practice is critical to communication success, yet one of the biggest challenges is getting real-time practice and feedback ahead of the real event. This is where our virtual scenarios come in!

Throughout the course, you have access at key moments to practise your new skills in business-relevant virtual scenarios. Jump into a meeting room to try out gestures and practise answering questions on a video call. These are realistic rooms you can easily access from your desktop. They provide distractions to emulate a real delivery. Ensuring you build confidence and perfect new skills (with your own content) immediately.
Can communication skills be taught?
Our Co-Founder Colin James is a profound introvert with a passion for teaching. Over the past 30-years, he has studied the world's best communicators to become the extraordinary communicator he is today. Alongside with Co-Founder Erica Bagshaw, they created this powerful training methodology so that anyone (even you!) can develop and perfect excellent communication.

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Sharleen Edwards
Sharleen Edwards

Personal Assistant

bdo logo
I was totally surprised with how interactive it was and how practical the course was. I was engaged from the first module.
Bridget-Whelan_Saracens-Group-Case study
Bridget Whelan

Group Head Of People

Completely changed my communication approach, it’s been so powerful. A course that opened up the basic principles of communication and effectively landing messages.

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