case study

Alyssa Yoong

Head of Business & Improvements

Sydney, Australia

| Mastering Communication Live

“I would recommend this program to anyone who is a leader, or anyone who seeks to inspire others into action.”

Alyssa Young is the Head of Business & Improvements at Blackmores. Alyssa has excellent technical skills and she recognised that she needed to improve her communication skills so that she could share those technical skills and knowledge with others. Our methodology gave Alyssa the framework she needed to structure her presentation appropriately and to present with confidence.

Why did you attend the program?

Alyssa attended the 2-day intensive Mastering Communication virtual program as she recognised and understood that technical skills can only get you so far. No matter how good a communicator she thought she was, the results she was getting from her interactions with people meant that she needed to learn how to become more impactful in her overall delivery and communicate with influence. “I realised I didn’t need any more technical skills and the biggest impact I could get was to impart and share my technical skills and knowledge with others. “

What were your 3 takeaways?

The first takeaway Alyssa found to be valuable was that the method was really clear. She could see facilitators were applying the method throughout the entire day. As they conducted the training and through their communication with the program’s participants. “By the end of the day, there was a pathway that I could follow clearly and logically. When I reflect, the The Colin James Method® team were consistently applying the method themselves as they were teaching us.” Secondly, Alyssa liked that she could practice what was being taught in real-time. ”What’s beautiful about this is that as I present, I am now very mindful of how I am presenting and I can tweak parts and I can improve myself along the way.” Lastly, Alyssa had high expectations about how her communication could be improved and as the 2 days unfolded, she gained confidence that that expectation would be met. “I wasn’t surprised that they could hold my attention for a full 2 days as there is so much to learn.”

How have you benefited?

Throughout the intensive 2-day Mastering Communications virtual program, Alyssa was able to lift her game and improve her overall confidence. “I have built that knowledge within me and I am actually practicing it as I go.” Alyssa believes The Colin James Method® is really good at not only telling you what people tend to do and why it’s not effective, but by actually showing you what this looks like. “I got to practice and receive feedback in real-time. I think the biggest takeaway is that after you see how well you perform using the method, you can’t revert to the way you were communicating before. That’s a big win.”

Who would you recommend this program to?

“I would recommend this program to anyone who is a leader, or anyone who seeks to inspire others into action or anyone who is looking to collaborate with others.” Alyssa understands that getting the foundation right in your communication is the key to delivering with impact and influencing others.

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