Learning Experiences That Transform
Lives, And Drive Success

We provide engaging impactful training

We provide engaging,
impactful training

That grips the participants and
makes every training dollar
invested count.

We focus on methodology

We focus on

So that participants have
immediately applicable tools on

We innovate and lead the advance

We innovate and lead
the advance

Deliver groundbreaking training
so your teams are prepared
for the future.

Who are we?

The Colin James Method Pty. Ltd. is a global training and development company based in Australia. We are deeply committed to elevating success in organisations and professionals by transforming communication and leadership capability, building resilience and a superb internal culture.

We are passionate about seeing a long-term skill shift after our training. We want you to succeed! So we shape training around embedding the learning long-term and supporting the development of practical skills that can be used immediately to drive superior performance in your businesses.

Who are we

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Australia, and their continued connection to the land, water and culture. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Our story

Since 2012, The Colin James Method® has been collaborating with leading organisations and professionals in the corporate sector to revolutionise their ‘soft’ skill capability from mediocre – to excellent.

We work with talented individuals in the top fortune 500 companies globally (in countries such as USA, UK, India, Indonesia, Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Germany and China) as well as investing time in our passion for developing future leaders closer to home in Australia through partnerships with not-for-profit organisations.

Co-Founders Colin James and Erica Bagshaw have over 40-years of deep experiences as facilitators, speakers and coaches in private practices. In 2012 they combined forces to build The Colin James Method® brand and partner together in business under the trading name of Inner Profit Pty. Ltd.

As the business evolved the identity and value to clients was redefined and in early 2020 we changed the business name to The Colin James Method Pty. Ltd. to reflect our position as a leading provider of communication, leadership, culture and resilience training globally.

Colin’s talent for analysis and research and his ability to translate this knowledge into practical steps is world-renowned. Erica’s deep passion for people allows her to see hidden ability in attendees and inspire them to fulfill their potential. The combination of these skills ensures passion, commitment and powerful, practical methodologies are at the heart of all we do.

What we do

We create training and coaching programs that work, helping organisations translate their cultural and strategic aspirations into deep execution.  We train your leaders and people to be adaptive, invoke followership, have greater presence and think/communicate from an enterprise perspective. Shifting capability and empowering professionals with human skills that will last a lifetime.  

We believe in providing a world-class training experience, embedding the skills needed for individuals and teams to succeed in the new world of work. It doesn’t matter which phase you are in your transformation or growth journey; we can pick up and rapidly add value. Choose from our broad range of dynamic training services or work with us to design a program that will support the needs and outcomes of your organisation.


Yes! Despite common belief, we are not simply born with good communication skills - they are developed with time, guidance and practice.
Our core communication methodology was designed by our Co-Founder Colin James (an introvert!) who committed his work to understand what constitutes excellent communication and leadership by studying the best communicators he could find. From this came our methodology, which now anyone can learn (with practice) and apply to master this skill.

Our methodology is centred around practical application, the ‘how’. To truly embed the learning process participants first apply their new skills in a safe and supportive learning environment before translating it to their workplace. 


Ongoing practice and support to embed the skills are also vital. New behaviours and attitudes are formed by frequent, consistent and conscious practice over time; this builds new neural connections and patterns, so we can think and behave in new ways. Our training uses neuroscience backed techniques to develop new communication skills and habits to ensure the learning is embedded.

Today, leaders increasingly confront a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment. Effective leaders - who shine in this environment - are hard to find. Developing your leader’s skills and capabilities will ensure they have the tools and techniques to thrive, no matter the challenge.

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