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Dr. Maria Zuschmann

Coach and Intergrative Chiropractor

Sydney, Australia

| Mastering Communication Live

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“I’m even more relaxed onstage and it makes for easier delivery.”

As an experienced speaker and trainer, Maria was drawn to our program to augment her natural skills and talent with the artform of methodology. She now has the tools to structure her content in a repeatable form and feels far more confident and relaxed on the stage.

Why did you decide to do the Mastering Communication program?

Already a well versed speaker, coach and facilitator, Maria admits she wasn’t actively seeking training until we were recommended, by a friend who had already completed our training. At the time, she was teaming up with this friend to do some work as a facilitator, when he asked her where she had done her training, “to which I said I hadn’t!” Maria had been teaching for quite a few years, “quite naturally”, without any training but was open to elevating her skills if the right course came along. “He said if there was one course that I should do, it was this one”. Maria swiftly enrolled at the next Sydney workshop.

Which elements of the program have been the most helpful?

Already a naturally confident and engaging communicator, Maria says she wanted to combine mastery with this process to build on what she was already achieving. Understanding how to plan and structure her communication more effectively has been a standout for her. “Whilst I was going okay and getting re-engaged for work, I didn’t have a structure that I could repeat on a regular basis. So I was having to start from scratch every time I prepared for a keynote”. Since the workshop she now has a reliable structure to base her content off and each of her keynote topics are designed in a repeatable form, which is also beneficial for her audience because it delivered in a way that is more memorable.

What are the key takeaways you have taken away from the course?

Maria says she learnt a lot about the importance of self-introductions and how to deliver hers appropriately to build authority. This was something she had struggled with in the past. “Because I do a lot of different things… I’m an author, I’m a podcaster, I’m a facilitator, also I’m an integrative chiropractor. Sometimes it feels like I’m boasting, so I didn’t particularly like doing it or I wasn’t sure how to structure it”. She says she has also benefited greatly from learning more about timelines, which she tells us she had some familiarity around but now understands more deeply. Looking back at footage of herself presenting since the program, Maria says she can already see “I’m even more relaxed onstage and it makes for easier delivery”.

Who would you recommend the Mastering Communication program to and why?

From corporates, to facilitators and speakers – Maria says she recognised the benefit for everyone in the room during the program, seeing major shifts in the way people were able to present to an audience. In particular, she sees our training to be significant for professional speakers. “I think there’s always layers that we can improve in our mastery. The speakers that I love watching are always improving on their craft and so the more we can learn, the better we can deliver our message.”

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