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Kelly Shay

Stakeholder Relations and New Business Manager (formerly)

Sydney, Australia

| Mastering Communication Live

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“It’s transformed the way in which I do my presentations. I also use [the method] in my 1-on-1 meetings, group meetings and interview settings.”

Kelly Shay is a confident person, but she worried that, in important meetings, she wasn’t getting her message across. Since graduating from The Colin James Method’s® Mastering Communication Program she’s noticed a considerable change in the way her audience responds, reacts and takes action after listening to her.

Kelly’s frustration prior to the program

Kelly was never one to have sweat beads dripping down her face when giving a presentation. She’s actually one of those rare gems who loves public speaking. “Give me a microphone and I’ll chat to you, tell you great stories and be fun and engaging,” she says. “But I’m not quite sure if I got my point across.” “Confidence is great, but actual delivery is another thing, and delivery that is powerful and really communicates the message, is more than just confidence,” Kelly says

The solution to her public speaking delivery woes

After being approached to attend The Colin James Method’s® Mastering Communication Program by her workplace, AustralianSuper, she jumped at the chance to improve herself and advance in her role. “The program was fantastic, it allowed me to continue building my confidence, continue with my presentation style, but make sure I delivered in a way in which I didn’t get get lost rambling and telling a great story…I didn’t lose the audience,” she says. The program taught Kelly that it was okay to be yourself when you’re presenting, but gave her a simple structure to formulate her message in a way the audience would understand and, by extension, keep her on track. “Using the principles of what’s in it for the audience, starting with the why and really understanding the key points I want to get across  (and using the CPD hierarchy to really get that structure) helped me stay on focus throughout the presentation. It also helped the audience understand where I was going.”

What’s happened since Kelly completed the program

Since changing her presenting style to be more informative – but still authentic – Kelly’s noticed a significant shift in her impact. “It’s transformed the way in which I do my presentations. I also use [the method] in my 1-on-1 meetings, group meetings and interview settings”. She’s also received feedback she’s never had before like, “wow, that was really easy – I never thought of it that way”. And she puts it down to the CPD structure giving her the tools to turn big concepts into smaller, more simple chunks of information that are easier for her audience to recall. Oh, and did we mention Kelly also used the skills she learnt to land her new dream job? Because she did. With our expert guidance.

Who does Kelly think should do this course?

“This is a really important course if you want to make sure you’re getting your point across. It’s as simple as that.”

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