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Rob Geddes

Head Of Services, UK and Ireland

Ripon, UK

| Mastering Communication Live

“The execution of the training, the pre-work and the communication was flawless.”

As Head of Services - UK & Ireland for SAP, Rob Geddes knew that he could communicate but wanted to achieve more impact with his messaging.

What brought your attention to our training?

Rob was part of an internal program at SAP called The Power of 34. This represents the 34 marketing unit heads within the services team. As part of this program, Rob was invited to attend The Colin James Method® training at the beginning of 2020 to improve his communication skills. The timing directly coincided with the release of SAP’s go-to-market message to their teams. Rob’s initial thought was “Do I have time for this?”.  Rob explored this further and watched the introductory training videos which he found very helpful and informative. “Actually, I really like what I see and given the glut of communications we need to get through, to provide that clarity to our teams and to get the messages across effectively, I figured it would be a good investment of my time to take the training and I am glad I did.”

Why did you decide to invest in our training for yourself?

Learning how to communicate is one thing but learning how to communicate with effectiveness and impact requires training and support. “What I found was yes I can communicate, but my impact was not consistent and I didn’t quite know why.” Rob found the training helped him to understand why his communications weren’t always consistently impactful. He could see that by taking a step back and thinking about it from the audience’s perspective, you can really hone in on the messaging and ensure your messages land. “It’s all about the preparation and I think that is the key difference I found. I have also had training where the importance of storytelling is paramount and it’s the same in this training, but it also shows you ways you can weave in stories to illuminate your communication as well.” Training that brings together frameworks with the structure and the tools to really bring them to life. Ensuring you can achieve and remain consistently good.

What impact has the training had for you?

“Personally, I have been more confident that my messages are landing consistently well and I get the feedback from the team in various sessions that the messages are effective and they have enjoyed them. “ The deliberate structure of the program ensures attendees are engaged throughout the training and to learn to build executive presence and to present or pitch without nerves.

How would you describe the learning experience?

The short course ran over 5 weeks with one 3-hour session per week. It includes flip charts, stories and is highly interactive with breakouts and working together with other attendees. “I was surprised how quickly the sessions went. The execution of the training, the pre-work and the communication was flawless.”

Who does Rob recommend this to?

For Rob, he is now confident in his preparation and delivery to ensure his messages are landing with his team and he is delivering communication with impact. “This training is relevant to anyone who wants to communicate effectively. Yes, I can think about sales leaders, business leaders but what about students, teachers, lecturers? You know, anyone in a walk of life where communication is super important. It allows you to unlock your potential and get out what’s inside you.”

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