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Vicki Pafumi

Chief Financial Officer

Melbourne, Australia

| Mastering Communication Live

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“From my perspective the program has hit the mark.”

Stepping into a permanent role as Chief Financial Officer at iSelect in Melbourne, Vicki joined the Mastering Communication program because she was eager to develop capabilities that would enhance her business relationships. It’s already had a major impact on her performance.

Why did you decide to attend the course?

When Vicki transitioned from interim to permanent Chief Financial Officer at iSelect she set herself a development goal to improve her communication skills. “I set myself some targets around building relationships and confidence”. She believed this would help her greatly when developing rapport with analysts, investors and the board.

Which elements have been the most useful?

One of the most valuable tools Vicki took away to use in her role was our Communication Outline Document. She feels this gives her “a very clear framework to ensure what I am communicating hits the needs of the audience, how it relates to the content and the outcome desired”.  Having gained a deep understanding of how to ‘nail the opening’ she now feels confident and set up for success every time she presents. Vicki describes our signature PAVERS® methodology as “extremely useful and fascinating”, and it has helped refine her physiology when communicating on her feet and in her seat.

What impact has the program had for you?

Since attending the Mastering Communication program, Vicki can already recognise the significant impact it has had on the way she delivers presentations and difficult messages. She believes it has allowed her to take the next step in developing her “professional presence”. The most significant results for Vicki have been the positive feedback from her CEO and board. “I am now seen as a seasoned ASX CFO who is transparent and gives clear messaging around the results of the business.” Our training has also helped her to build strong relationships with both her investor and analyst base. “From my perspective the program has hit the mark”.

Did you have any apprehensions before attending?

“No, I was very excited to attend!”  She tells us that travelling up from Melbourne to attend our Sydney workshop meant she could really focus, review and reflect on all the content and learnings during the sessions without distraction.

Who would you recommend the Mastering Communication course to?

“From a development perspective this is a great opportunity that I know will further enhance anyone’s career.”  Internally, at iSelect Vicki believes their commercial, senior sales and senior finance teams would benefit greatly from our training, as well as high potentials in the business. “From a business perspective if these roles can master their communication to either internal or external stakeholders it does set us up for successful outcomes which drives performance.”

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