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Personalised, results driven executive coaching programs to support your leaders in high-pressure environments.

“Erica builds confidence and rapport quickly, challenges appropriately and provides simple and effective strategies.”

– Suzanne Smith, Executive Director, APRA, Australia


60% of Australian employees think that critical thinking and problem solving is key for the future of work

- LinkedIn, Future Of Skills Report, 2019

Make the behavioural changes required to thrive

Leaders are expected to be visionary, adaptive, collaborative, engaging and great problem solvers, as well as drive and deliver results – even in the tough times. This intense pressure and scrutiny can lead to stress, anxiety and poor performance.

Changes in organisational hierarchies, take-overs, restructures and transformation requires tough conversations with team members. Positional power does not ensure that leaders have the capacity and mindset to deal with these issues. We find that many senior leaders have been elevated due to their subject matter expertise and lack the core communication, resilience, presentation, public speaking and leadership skills and experience required to thrive in their positions. Without direct guidance, goal setting and support they can flounder.

Avoid burnout and realise potential with leadership coaching

A personalised executive coaching program from The Colin James Method® provides your leaders with a supportive, challenging, informative and confidential environment in which
to build capability. We work with a variety of senior leaders throughout Australia to build a lasting change; coaching them for a new role, assisting them through a restructure, preparing them for an official enquiry or supporting them to improve
decision-making and maintain energy levels in a fast-paced environment.

Skills developed with executive coaching?


Navigate complex topics

Achieve long-term behavioural change by creating daily habits, disciplines and setting career goals.

Remain constructive and on track

Stay agile and respond effectively in challenging times by learning how to manage energy levels.
Why stories are relevant

Manage overly dominant personalities

Reframe derailers and build a mindset of
excellence so you can clear obstacles with

Powerful storytelling

Support high performance teams

Lead the pack with efficient and effective choices.
Lead positive change

Be guided by someone with deep experience

Develop the skills to engage, inspire and influence your teams.

Provoke deeper discussions

Ensure deadlines and objectives are
prioritised and met – by increasing clarity
and focus.


Earn trust and respect

Build authority with peers and stakeholders through conscious, consistent and transparent communication.

Handle change with ease

Discover the core skills required to engage
and rally your team in tough times.


Present with influence

Deliver with confidence 1:1, in meetings and to large audiences.

Coaching Practise Lead - Erica Bagshaw

Our fully accredited team of coaches are led by Co-Founder Erica Bagshaw. With over 15-years experience coaching senior leaders across a wide range of organisations in Australia she brings depth and deep understanding to every assignment. Erica has worked on a number of large leadership programs as well as coached many senior individuals. She is also on the executive coaching panel of a number of top 50 organisations in Australia.

Who can benefit from executive coaching?

Coaching is ideal for people leading people, senior executives or emerging talent who need support to elevate their performance and reach their potential.

Emerging Talent
People Leaders

Due to the confidential nature of our coaching we have not included references from individuals however a range of people are willing to be called upon to provide insights into capability and results if you enquire.

Coaching programs tailored to suit the need of each individual

Our approach includes confidential conversations with the people leader and the coachee to establish and agree on objectives. A recommendation on the approach is provided, followed by delivery via confidential face-to-face and virtual sessions. Another interview with the people leader is conducted 2/3rds through the coaching to ensure progress. Leadership profiling and surveys are used as necessary.

Trusted by leading international and Australian

“I can't tell you how helpful it was and how much I appreciate Erica's ability to give smart, cogent advice that always resonates and always makes a difference.”

– Aletha Wilkinson, Head of Yahoo Lifestyle Australia, Australia

Unlock potential and increase performance in your leaders

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Our accredited coaches collaborate with the coachee to design a short or long-term coaching plan that will help them reach their potential. Regular one-on-one meetings ensures that progress is consistently made and can be tracked (if required) by senior leaders who may be sponsoring the training. If required we are also accredited to do Hogan leadership assessments debriefs, the program can be tailored to fit the needs of the coachee and ensure maximum increase in capability.