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Corporate leadership training that provides the skills and mindset to manage a team and a business effectively.


Experience Leaders

80% of organisations see leadership as a high priority yet only 41% believe their leaders are ready to meet the requirements.

- Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends, 2019

Developing leaders who drive employee experience

Leaders who create environments where people are engaged, stimulated, challenged and valued are more essential than ever. A superb employee experience, when combined with an excellent customer experience is proven to drive organisational success.

Most companies are full of technical experts and functional managers. They are not natural people leaders. They struggle to motivate, inspire, performance manage or support their teams through challenging transformations.

The leaders who thrive are adaptive, agile and authentic; they are strategic thinkers who can cope with cross-functional initiatives and continue to grow the organisation despite challenges. These are the high-performing leaders we help develop and unite to work together in your organisation.

Build an executive team with excellent leadership skills and impressive results

Our bespoke leadership development training will transform the impact of your senior team, empower them with the skills, behaviours and habits to navigate the ever-evolving challenges and demands of their role.

How does our methodology help your leaders?

Practical tailored training to support your leadership team

We deliver a learning experience like no other. We’ll work collaboratively with you to diagnose your objectives and the skill gaps then customise our approach to suit your desired outcomes. We offer a range of blended training options to suit the size, location and seniority of your group.

Deeply practical training is delivered by our rigorously trained facilitators. Our approach is unique – we take time to consult with the management team and research the participants to ensure everyone’s capabilities and challenges are considered. Clients often request a blended training solution and we design to ensure engagement before, during and after the delivery. Providing long-term results and true ROI on the training investment is something we strive for in every engagement.



Gather your leadership team for a challenging, provoking and impactful learning experience. Facilitators will ask and expect excellence to ensure that monumental shifts are achieved during the valuable time. Deep engagement and fast results are guaranteed.


Group coaching

Our accredited coaches provide 1:1 executive coaching and Hogan Assessment debriefs with leaders either face-to-face or through virtual video calls. Or follow-up group coaching can be arranged to support your leader’s development after live immersion training.

Online Training

Online training

We sometimes utilise online training modules to support and prepare you for the intensive face-to-face and virtual training. It allows the leaders to get-up-to-speed allowing the group to move faster in the live training experience.

Mater Classes & Keynotes


Engage our services to lead LT meetings and off-sites. Our facilitators can ask the difficult questions, manage group dynamics, ensure productive debate and meaningful outcomes are achieved.

Our approach

The engagement process is all about discovering and delivering on the desired outcomes of your business. We work collaboratively with you to delve deep into your goals and tailor the training around your unique needs. How does it work? A typical engagement for our leadership programs looks like this:

Fill in the form below to enquire about how we can help transform the skills in your organisation

Speak with one of our facilitators to see if we may be a good fit for your organisation and we will share insights and ideas around your existing objectives

Now you’ve decided we are a close fit, our team will attend briefing sessions to discuss your specific goals and requirements for your people and your business

We craft a suitable training and development experience that will deliver the outcomes your organisation requires

To enhance the learning experience we may engage participants in pre-session surveys and training, to both prepare them and to ensure we understand their perspective

Bespoke training tailored to your teams business contexts and their stated needs, ensuring everyone gets the most from the time invested

To ensure the learning sticks and goals are achieved we build in follow up opportunities through a variety of methods

We track both feedback and NPS from the delivery and connect with you to review program impact

Available training options

Examples of the various in-house leadership training we run with organisations across the
globe to enhance their leadership capability.

Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership

In this VUCA world, modern leaders need to stay ahead of the curve. This program transforms executives - providing them with the skills and mindset to achieve significant personal, team and organisational success. We improve on existing excellence and stretch the leaders to build competency in core areas such as resilience, authority, presence, collaboration and communication. Bridging the gap between the leadership team members and building strength.

  • Leaders understand how to lead themselves, lead others and lead the organisation
  • Stocktake strengths and potential derailers and advance personal development
  • Harness leaders’ analytic, emotional and somatic intelligence
  • The key to creating a culture that will inspire and motivate
  • Communicate key messages in an engaging and memorable way
  • Adopt an organisational based approach to setting and managing goals
  • Effectively lead through change and disruption

Emerging Leaders Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders

People Leaders People Leaders

People Leaders



Fully Customisable

Face-to-face Workshop

Live Virtual Training

1:1 Coaching

Group Coaching


5 Keys To Systemic Leadership

5 Keys To Systemic Leadership

Teaching your teams a systems mapping framework to critically appraise their business operations using the lens of the Viable Systems Model. It enables them to have a common language across divisions and avoid working in silos that slow down success. It allows them to quickly identify systemic issues and bring them to the forefront of strategy discussions. These conversations ensure superb effectiveness, efficiency and execution is achieved throughout the business.

  • Refine discussions and ensure projects execute on plan
  • Uncover their business challenges and opportunities at a more strategic level
  • Use the VSM framework to have higher quality conversations across the business
  • Build a consistent message for customers/partners/teams and other stakeholders
  • Be more proactive in driving transformation
  • Be stronger as a team

Emerging Leaders Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders

People Leaders People Leaders

People Leaders



Fully Customisable

Face-to-face Workshop

Live Virtual Coaching

Online Training

Group Coaching

Leadership Facilitation

Leadership Facilitation

An external leadership facilitator provides an unbiased environment for deep, sustained change and can be both a provocateur and coach-eliciting real outcomes. Engage our facilitators to join your teams at off-sites, strategic planning sessions or board/executive retreats.

  • Navigate complex topics and debates
  • Manage overly dominant personalities
  • Provoke deeper discussions
  • Remain constructive and on track
  • Be guided by someone with deep experience
  • Support high performance teams
  • Collaborate effectively and efficiently

Emerging Leaders Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders

People Leaders People Leaders

People Leaders



Fully Customisable


Live Virtual Facilitation

Client outcomes and improved
leadership performance

  • Financial
  • Insurance
Industry: Financial

Building capabilities to lead through change

CUA Banking

For 18 months, CUA had faced an enormous amount of change across their organisation: A new CEO, an executive team restructure, a brand relaunch, an organisational realignment… and that’s just the beginning. Their leaders needed support and development to lead and achieve positive change across CUA. To tackle this challenge head on, we delivered a 6-month ‘phased’ program with 20 nominated participants from CUA. The focus was on the application of learning, each participant had an existing project to work on, implement and manage through the program.

The Result: upon completion, each participant had practical, demonstrable capabilities in leading self, leading others, leading change, leading through disruption and leading at CUA.

“A highly valuable, highly practical program. Unlike any other program I’ve done.”

– Dylan Atherton, Business Owner – Lending Program, CUA
Industry: Insurance

The program provided a foundation for the team to operate with more vulnerability and trust, and collaboration had definitely improved.

In 2018, we were approached to do some development work with a senior leadership team. The team had been recently restructured in a way that introduced exciting diversity to the team – they had a new CEO and had also hired some executives that were new to the organisation and new to the financial services industry. They were also transitioning away from a silo-based focus to a customer centric focus, in line with the entire business.

The key objectives of the Agile Leadership Program we designed were as follows:

  • Leverage the individual diverse strengths of the new leadership team
  • Create space for greater trust and vulnerability amongst team members
  • Build a collaborative and highly cohesive work environment
  • Support the team to become more resilient
  • Shift from an individual focus to an enterprise focus

The program took place over five months and involved Hogans leadership assessments, 4 face-to-face workshops, online training, group coaching calls and 1:1 executive coaching.

The Result: at the end of the program, we received feedback that the team had developed a greater understanding of their individual strengths and development opportunities. Also, the program had provided a foundation for the team to operate with more vulnerability and trust, and collaboration had definitely improved. The team were also demonstrating strong resilience in the light of new changes to the business that were creating significant stress and pressure.

I am super-proud of the team for our growth over the past 4-months, as a team and as individuals. Please pass on my thanks to Colin for his professionalism and approach with the team.”

– Head of Learning & Development

What makes our learning experience unique?

Powerful storytelling

We teach ‘the How’, so your team can change now​

Practical, hands on programs that teach your people applicable ‘human skills’ and get them practicing immediately.


We lead the pack globally

Delivering high-calibre training to leaders across the world, we enable people to shift their results and drive complex organisational change.


We tailor our training to fit your needs

Our approach is unique. We deeply immerse ourselves to understand your needs, so our training delivers every time.

Team Shoes

We have been in your team’s shoes

Our rigorously trained facilitators are experienced business people who understand your company’s challenges.

Experience & Research

We base our work on experience & research

Proven methodologies created by 25+ years of research and experience in training, facilitation, coaching and speaking.

Learning Sticks

We promise learning that sticks

Our design, materials and delivery uses the principles of research-backed neuroscience to ensure engagement and long-term retention.

Secure success with high-performance leaders

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At The Colin James Method® we pride ourselves on delivering hyper practical, measurable and profoundly engaging training. Bridging the gap between theory and application our primary focus is to provide your team with tools, techniques and frameworks they can apply with confidence to become better leaders. Our training will provoke, challenge and build individual and team strength.

Leadership is a title that is earned, not bestowed. Hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence from all parties will ensure impressive results.