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case study

Hazel Mijango

Project Manager, Royal Commission Retail Banking Services

Melbourne, Australia

| Mastering Communication Live

“Knowing that you’re not alone in your insecurities as an individual, challenges you to better yourself.”

When Hazel was recommended to our communication training program by her leader she saw it as an important step in her career. Knowing many of her senior leaders at Commonwealth Bank Australia had also done The Colin James Method® training, she knew it was an opportunity to develop her presence as a leader and refine her skills.

How would you describe your learning journey through this program?

Hazel says she felt apprehensive to begin with, as she noticed very few banking colleagues in the group and wasn’t sure how much the facilitators would be able to offer to help with her specific industry challenges. However, this was quickly diffused as she got to know who else was in the room. “It was awesome to see we had facilitators that had walked in our shoes… and then to be able to draw on other people in different industries who were challenged in various ways in how to better present themselves.” All of Hazel’s initial apprehensions were left at the door as the day progressed and she felt more open to learning from the broad array of experience in the room. Over the course of the 2-days, Hazel says she felt the foundation was laid by the facilitators “for a very safe learning environment” which allowed the participants to push their boundaries and develop their skills.

What 3 key elements resonated the most for you after the program?

The first element of the communication training program Hazel wanted to work on was her presence. She says being aware of how she presents herself and using pauses will allow her to be “more impactful” with whomever she is talking to. Secondly, she sees using hand gestures and taking on a more mindful approach to her non-verbal cues as an important way to share her message and drive outcomes. Finally, she found the connection with the people in the program and the journey of learning together to be an important part of her experience. “Knowing that you’re not alone in your insecurities as an individual, challenges you to better yourself”.

Were you able to apply the learnings after the program?

Just one week after our communication training program, Hazel was offered a promotion to a role she was eager to take on. She says it was a the perfect opportunity for her to apply the learnings and helped her to feel confident in her new position. “Since my appointment as an Executive Manager I’ve been able to go to my toolkit” which provided her with what she needed to deliver her message in a clear and polished way.

Who would you recommend this program to?

“From students, to graduates, through to high end professionals”, Hazel believes our communication training program can provide value across the board. She says the process of deconstructing how you present yourself from the ground up “is an invaluable exercise that anyone can apply”.

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