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“Colin James was simply outstanding and right-on-message for us. His humour, insight and personable approach made both his keynotes resonate with everyone in the room. He was definitely the highlight of the day. ”

– Chelle Brown, Sales Comms & Events Manager, Fairfax Media, Australia

Colin James

In 2020 Colin was voted Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year

Who is Colin James?

Colin is one of Australia’s most respected and well-known keynote speakers; his deeply engaging, humorous and provocative presentations are the highlight of any conference. He excels at imparting practical skills and workable knowledge – whilst making the whole audience howl with laughter! His keynote and M.C. deliveries are individually crafted to client context and outcomes, ensuring they inspire and fire up everyone in the room.

A gifted cartoonist, he is never far from his trusty flip-chart and pens; his drawing providing a unique and welcome diversion from the influx of PowerPoint presentations that soak up the imagination of your audiences fast. 

With 30-years’ experience in 24 countries globally – and an average 9.95 ratings – his experience and unique style sets him apart.

Watch Colin in action

Are you looking for someone to influence, educate, inspire and motivate your team?

Creating memorable, impactful world-class events that deeply influence the way people feel, think and behave is Colin James’ forte. With global experience across multiple industries, spanning all levels of seniority, Colin is highly regarded by his peers. He delivers keynotes that are deeply tailored to each client’s needs to provide a powerful learning experience every time with standing ovations commonly proving their worth.

Colin is available to deeply entertain a group of 1,000+ at a highly energised 60-minute keynote, lead a full-day interactive and influential workshop or keep attendees riveted throughout the day as your event M.C.

Motivate your team

“Impressed how a number of small - but in the end important things - make a big improvement in the communication experience. And this was shown by Colin is a very educational way. ”

Jesus Suarez, Head of Services, SAP, Spain

Keynote topics

Topic: The Professional Employee

10 simple rules to survive - and thrive - in the future of work

The employee who survives and thrives in the future will have to adopt the skills, qualities and attitudes of a true professional.

Who is responsible for employee engagement? The employer? Of course. The employee? Definitely. It’s called a work ethic. This keynote challenges everyone to think about their level of professionalism in their approach to their jobs, their work and their careers. The ‘Professional Employee’ operates at the highest standards in the toughest conditions.

  • What are the skills, qualities and attitudes of a ‘professional’ employee
  • How to develop professional employee capability in yourself, your team and your business
  • 10 rules a professional employee lives by and how to incorporate them into your everyday approach to work
Topic: Followership

Inspire proactive teams, build accountability and increase performance

Good leaders create good followers and good followers create good leaders. Sounds kind of obvious right? Leadership is evidently theoretically easy, hence, there are tens of thousands of books on the subject. Of course, it’s more complex than reading a book or article. What constitutes excellent leadership? Does the answer lie in focusing on ‘Followership’? Followership challenges both leaders in organisations (how to be a better leader) and employees (how to be a better ‘follower’).

  • Why followership is the key to a fulfilling and successful career
  • The 8 ways to become a brilliant follower regardless of who the leader might be
  • How you as a follower can raise leadership standards in your organisation
Topic: Beyond Powerpoint

Make any presentation work brilliantly - without the bullet-points!

This keynote is perfect when a huge dose of laughter is needed in a conference agenda. Colin ‘stumbles’ through all the elements that make for boring, dull, ‘dive-for-the-phone’ type presentations. He demonstrates typical ‘PowerPoint paralysis’ style presentations, empty jargon-filled rhetoric, overly nervous and petrified delivery, rambling to the point of incoherence before unpacking the 6 elements that can make any presentation rock the house without using PowerPoint at all.

  • Deliver engaging presentations without using PowerPoint
  • Connect and inspire your audience every time
  •  Discover the power of storytelling
Topic:The Engagement Myth

Boost employee engagement and see performance levels soar

Colin James has been researching and analysing the ‘engagement thing’ his whole career. As a communicator, he has to build engagement and gain attention regardless of how negative, hostile or shut down people might be. The session is a little confronting, deeply insightful, humorous and eminently practical.

  • How to facilitate engagement from people who are not where you want them to be
  • How to communicate in a way that enlivens, engages and motivates (skipping the ‘rah dee rah’ hype)
  • Instantly applicable techniques that shift the energy of your people to productive
Topic: Managing The Change Game Brilliantly

Effectively navigate business transformations with ease

How can we make change an easier and less complicated palaver? You would think that with ALL the change everyone has been experiencing in their lives of late we would simply get better at managing change. Structural and organisational change often fails to understand and appreciate the psychology of change. Most adults hate change. Period. Colin unpacks the psychological change cycle and, once understood, lets people and teams manage the whole process far more effectively.

  • How to map change and develop a common language as they work through the change cycle
  • Skills and techniques for managing the difficult and dark days and moments
  • How to support each other productively through the change game and execute on plan
Topic: Making The 'Impossible' Possible

Release the grip of limiting beliefs and see your people flourish

This session is a deeply powerful demonstration of the truth that what holds people back in their lives are limiting beliefs. Participants learn how to draw a fully rendered, artist quality portrait in ONE HOUR. A life-long belief such as “I can’t draw to save my life” is turned on its head in ONE HOUR. The ultimate lesson from this session is this “If a life-long limiting belief can be changed in one hour what else do I (and we) need to question that could bring the changes I (and we) want in our lives (and organisations)?”.

  • How to access your natural inner talents – even the ones you thought you never had
  • What possibilities exist in your life, you may have never considered before
  • How badly we have been programmed and how to change it
Topic: The Art of Storytelling

Motivate, engage and change behaviour with this must-have business skill

Stories define us individually and collectively. The stories of the world’s great brands (think Apple and Steve Jobs) become legends. Business relevant stories communicate and connect with everyone. Using stories can shape and influence how people feel, think and behave more than almost any other form of communication. Effective stories can change opinions, they can inspire individuals and teams to achieve goals that many might think is ‘pie in the sky’ and they profoundly link key messages to memorable stories.

  • How to lead more effectively through storytelling
  • How to design and deliver one-minute power stories
  • The 6 story structures and when to use them
Topic: The Skill of Confidence

Strategies to build confidence and transform your mindset for success

The ability to manage stress and handle anxiety is a skill. Productive people who manage challenging environments well, who have what looks like natural confidence, who flourish in perceived adversity have well developed Lizard Management Strategies. This deeply powerful keynote enables people to handle stress and anxiety immediately in their lives – professionally and personally. This can be a catalyst for both a cultural shift and for personal effectiveness to skyrocket.

  • The disturbing facts that cause people to lose confidence
  • Understand what confidence is and how to develop the skill of confidence in all life contexts
  • How to manage negative self-talk and develop a competent and confident ability to deal with work
Colin James
Colin James
Colin James

Invite Colin to transform your team

As a testament to Colin’s life-long passion for education and training, in 2008 he was awarded Educator Of The Year in Australia. Ensure you make any event an exceptional learning experience by investing in a proven inspirational corporate speaker, educator, M.C. and facilitator.

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What clients say about Colin...

“Never have I come across such an original approach and genuinely engaging facilitator as Colin. The day has lead me to re-think my own approach to training and development, leadership and my career overall. Truly a ‘helium moment’ I will endeavor to keep hold of…”


Colin James Box

“Colin models leadership engagement from the front of the room. He skillfully takes seemingly complex matters and puts them into simple terms. Colin’s elegance of design and the art of delivery is second to none.”


“Please pass our sincere thanks to Colin James for his exceptional contribution to our National Sales Conference last week. Every time I work with Colin I’m surprised and delighted – he never disappoints and he was so on brief – we were thrilled with the outcome. His session really resonated with our team.”


Trusted by leading international and Australian

Our approach

The engagement process is all about discovering and delivering the desired outcomes of your business. Colin works collaboratively with you to delve deep into your goals and tailor the training around your unique needs. How does it work? A typical engagement for our keynotes look like this:

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A great option for conferences or off-site training events, our experienced keynote speakers provide an engaging experience that educates, motivates, inspiresto transforms your leader’s skills. Support your leader’s so they have the tools and techniques to thrive no matter the challenge.This format will condense the learning and train your teams quickly.

Cutting through and engaging your audience is paramount in a constant and fast changing environment. Those with the skills to grasp attention using communication mastery hold influence and can use this to drive change. Our highly experienced speakers will deliver an engaging and thrilling keynote, filled with value, to ensure your leaders retain the content and leave inspired to take action.

Leaders need to ensure their contributions are superb, profoundly relevant and leave a lasting impression.

With the right guidance and commitment, strong communication is a skill that can be learned. It is transformative for your career and your organisation.

Our speakers are rigorously trained to ensure they uphold the skills and techniques to engage audiences and deliver key messages impactfully.

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