Revised edition with tips and tools to help you with effective storytelling in business.

Looking to land your point and compel your audience to act? Memorable stories lead to an engaged and excited audience, let us teach you how to share stories like a pro.

You’ve already experienced the business storytelling magic of the original:

  • Discover why storytelling in business is one of the most important strategic leadership skills to master
  • Find out how to use business storytelling to persuade and influence in your workplace
  • Learn how to build a catalogue of compelling stories from your everyday life
  • Explore ways to design a powerful story in the workplace
  • Understand how to drive your audience to action
  • Learn how you can deliver your story with polish
Due to the popularity of this ebook, we’ve decided to add even more value, including:
  • A FREE worksheet that brings all of your business storytelling techniques together
  • More in-depth examples of great business storytelling
  • An understanding of how to ‘sell’ and embed storytelling in your organisation
  • The latest trends in business storytelling and how you can

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“This ebook has completely changed the way I see my communications. From one-on-one meetings to announcements, recruitment and sales meetings, I now use stories as much as possible to get interest and agreement. Now I’ve been using this for a while, I frequently hear people recount the very story they heard that stuck with them and helped them to make a decision.

If you’re trying to get everyone moving in the same direction, just try the techniques in this ebook.”


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