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Josh Spendlove

Training Lead

Sydney, Australia

| Mastering Communication Live

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“More confident staff as customers were able to trust us a lot more.”

After a lead analysis discussion, Josh’s former capability team recognised the need for change. Staff were lacking confidence in delivering and pitching offers. They were missing opportunities. Josh helped organise The Colin James Method® training at his previous company and was saturated in the content during the planning stages. Even so, the impact the 2-day live immersion training had on him still caught him by surprise.

What was the biggest impact?

Josh was already very passionate about talking to people, but he knew he was capable of operating more effectively when he spoke. He wanted to be sure his audience receive precisely the knowledge they need, especially when he was teaching them. Josh says, the live facilitation on the program took him “from one extreme to the next” by confronting fears he didn’t realise he had and encouraging him to use tools he shied away from. He says “overtime you play within your safe zone and I found this program really exposed me from my safezone and made me realise that the tools that I had been avoiding were effective, I just needed to practice them”.

What were the results?

Josh says the before and after was unbelievable, “you were seeing someone that was like a concrete pillar turning into a free bird”. In the office the result was “more confident staff as customers were able to trust us a lot more”. It was an investment that translated to concrete results.

Were there any reservations before the program?

Josh himself had experienced some nerves about his communication skills, he says “the majority of the staff were going in at the same time, I thought there was an expectation of where I should be, and I worried it would expose me”. The reality was that everyone had something to learn. “No one was too big or too small to be in that room. I found the coaches were very effective with those that at first came off as a confident speaker. They started challenging them by giving different ways to communicate, everyone was stepping outside of their comfort zone”. To those resistant to the program, Josh would say if you have a “fear that is so paralysing you can’t get up and talk… why live like that? No one deserves it. That’s why there is help out there and there are these programs to attend”.

Who would Josh recommend the program to?

Anyone. What I’ve learnt are not just tools that help my career but things that help in all my relationships”. Our Mastering Communication Program revolutionised Josh’s career. Are you ready to push yourself and discover what you’re really capable of?

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