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Rebecca Hall

Head of International Education Centre of Excellence

Brisbane, Australia

| Mastering Communication Live

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“I did have some reservations…but it was absolutely the right time and right program for me.”

As the global lead for education at Austrade, Rebecca Hall is constantly challenged for time. Deeply immersed in technical content, her senior leader recognized that developing Rebecca’s ability to communicate clearly would have a profound impact on her effectiveness, and it has.

Why did you decide to attend the course?

A passionate specialist in international education, Rebecca admits attending our program wasn’t on her radar until a senior leader brought the need to her attention. Her boss recognised the potential in Rebecca’s strong technical knowledge and the focus on the content of her work could be so greatly improved if she were to elevate the way she communicated. She told Rebecca that her passion for international education was impeding her ability to communicate clearly because she was too focused on the content in her role. It was then she decided to invest in this area of development through our program.

What challenges is your organisation facing that the program could help with?

The business world is rapidly changing and Austrade, like most organisations today, faces constant industry disruption. Rebecca says the way to respond, evolve and stay relevant in these times comes down to communication. “How we are going to improve and how we are going to react to that change – communication is going to be the key to our success”.

Which elements have had the biggest impact?

Rebecca tells us that she started benefiting from our course before she even walked in the room. When a complex issue arose for her at work, she was also doing the pre-work for our workshop and decided to use a template from this component. She immediately found it helpful. “I could see there and then, I was focussed on the course as communication, presentation styles, but fundamentally for me the impact was finding enough time to frame the right messages.” In a high-pressure role, Rebecca tells us one of her other major challenges is time – having enough time to properly prepare for important conversations, meetings and presentations is something she struggled with a lot. Since the program she already feels she is saving time. “I now have the tools and methodology that I know I can grab, even if it is ten minutes before a conversation just to ground myself and prepare.” Rebecca tells us the 3 elements she has found the most useful are time management, presentation preparation and understanding her audience.

Did you have any apprehensions before attending?

Already very busy in her role, Rebecca admits she was not initially convinced taking time away from work for a communication skills program was best. In fact, she told us her first choice would have been some technical skills training relative to her field. But as soon as she joined the course she knew she had made the right decision. “I did have some reservations…but it was absolutely the right time and right program for me.” She feels she benefited greatly from the content, the intimacy of the learning environment and the “knowledge and generosity of the facilitator”.

Who would you recommend the Mastering Communication course to?

Rebecca tells us she thinks anybody could benefit from the learnings of our program. From her 21 year old daughter, who is new to the workforce, to the members of her team at Austrade. Having experienced the professional benefits for herself as an individual, she also believes if her whole team were to approach this type of training collectively the impact would be quite significant.

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