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Belinda Hochen

Associate Private Banker

Townsville, Australia

| Mastering Communication Live

“The toolkit you’re given is amazing and something you will never stop using.”

As an Associate Private Banker with ANZ, Belinda wanted to accelerate her communication skills to help her reach her desired outcomes in meetings and presentations. She now feels confident and equipped with a life-long toolkit she can use at any time to engage her clients more deeply.

Why did you decide to attend the course?

Having worked at ANZ for 11 years, Belinda’s role requires her to present in front of groups and manage client meetings regularly. Building strong relationships and communicating effectively is an important part of the job. She told us she often found she “didn’t get the outcome that [she] desired” which encouraged her to explore how to improve.

Which elements have been the most helpful?

Core elements to our program, the ‘Diagnose, Design and Deliver’ framework and the PAVERS ® methodology were key learnings that stood out for Belinda and deepened her understanding of how to approach her communication. More specifically, she told us she continues to explore how to “use your hands with purpose” when communicating. Gestures are a powerful way to enhance your communication impact and applying our techniques can make a big difference to how your message is received.

What impact has the program had in your world?

Attending the Mastering Communication program has helped Belinda to understand how to effectively prepare and plan. “I’ve found that by Diagnosing the audience I am able to prepare a better presentation.” She now has a reliable and impactful framework to follow that drastically elevates her level of engagement. This approach has also translated positively in meetings, as Belinda noticed better engagement with her clients. “I’ve found I know them better and they feel more valued because I know more about them prior to the meeting.” She feels she can now tailor the delivery of her information to fit with their needs.

Did you have any apprehensions before attending?

Like all ANZ Private employees, Belinda was given the opportunity to attend our program when she made the transition into her role. Unsure of what to expect, she was initially concerned about spending 2 whole days away from the office, however she now values the experience highly. “My mind was blown, and it was definitely well worth the time.” She sees our program as an important step in her career to stand out and build strong relationships with her clients.

How would you describe the learning experience?

“I felt very comfortable to express myself and to communicate my thoughts and needs.” During the workshop, Belinda says while she was pushed outside her comfort zone, after the end of the 2 days she had a framework she was confident to continue using.

Who would you recommend the Mastering Communication course to?

Belinda feels our program is “definitely worthwhile” for anyone looking to strengthen their communication skills. “Whether it’s for a meeting or a presentation, the toolkit you’re given is amazing and something you will never stop using.”

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