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case study

Bridget Whelan

Group Head Of People

London, UK

| Mastering Communication Online

“Completely changed my communication approach, it’s been so powerful. “

Bridget Whelan is the new Group Head of People at Saracens Rugby Group. When given the opportunity to apply for the role, Bridget realised her communicating capability was not serving the growth she aspired to achieve in her career. Nerves and were taking over when it mattered and her influence was impacted. Our methodology gave Bridget the frameworks and skills needed to start the new job full of confidence. Allowing her to succeed in her professional and personal life.

How has this program helped you?

Bridget joined the Mastering Communication Program Online, to boost her influence skills and achieve buy-in to her ideas. Allowing her to represent the business more effectively no matter which audience she speaks to. “It’s really helped me in day-to-day interactions, but also in the board meetings when I’m trying to get people over the line, in terms of something I think will really benefit the business.”

What made you decide you could benefit from training?

Bridget, like most people, was afraid of speaking in front of an audience and this limited her opportunities and potential. She knew she had the ability to create more impact, and that’s why she took up our training. “A complete fear of public speaking, a complete fear of the room, a tendency to overthink in different situations, that I feel is a disservice to me and how I was communicating, and a real barrier to taking the next step forward in my career.”

What problem/opportunity were you facing?

Bridget made the decision to join this program at a crucial time for her career – the introduction of methodology was a turning point and she realised that she should seize the opportunity to learn, practice and grow her skills. “I was given the opportunity to apply for a new role, I just felt like this was the time I really had to grab the bull by the horns and find a method that worked for me.”

Did you have any hesitations about joining the course?

There were doubts about taking up an online program, as Bridget thought she may not receive the full benefits as an in-person program – however, she was pleasantly surprised with how interactive and powerful it was, despite it being online. “Will I get the same service from an online portal? And I think there’s a real scepticism there for a lot of people, so the experience of the online course was brilliant – the modules are bite-sized, the videos are short, and they’re engaging. I found them really powerful and meaningful, so it was a good use of time when I had the ability to do it.”

What kept you coming back to the course?

The part that struck an immediate chord with Bridget, is when she learned to apply the use of body language techniques in her conversations and presentations. It gave her an immediate boost of confidence and created awareness around what she was doing previously, in order to improve her delivery and connections. “I started doing the body language stuff, and I went ‘oh my goodness’ this is something that I can use straight away, and it really started impacting my conversations from that point. That’s when the power of the method really landed for me.”

Who would you recommend this program to?

According to Bridget, anyone could benefit from this training – it is designed to be applicable universally, whether you’re a senior leader or a graduate entering the workforce. “It’s been the most influential training I have ever done, and I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anybody.”

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