Gina Baksa Mastering Communication Online Case study
case study

Gina Baksa

Copywriter/Podcaster/Travel Writer

London, England

| Mastering Communication Online

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“A superb, informative and fun course in easy to digest modules that will appeal to anyone who would like to have more impact.”

Why did you decide to attend the course?

Gina believes communication is an imperative human skill. “Our main concern is to be heard and to be understood.” She recognises how broadly strong communication can impact our lives, both professionally and personally, which enticed her to our online communication skills training course. “Whether we are professional speakers and facilitators – sharing information or persuading a potential client to buy our service or product – or simply chatting with friends, partners and colleagues, what we say, and how we say it can often be misinterpreted. And we don’t get the response we’d hoped for. This could be due to lack of confidence or a lack of clarity in our own vision.”

Which elements have been the most helpful?

Gina describes listening to Colin and watching the videos in the Mastering Communication Online Program as “a Godsend.“ She explains that while she is not a professional speaker or someone who presents to audiences often in her line of work, she was able to apply the learnings to her writing to persuade, entertain, tell stories and share her beliefs and opinions. “I’ve learnt so much in just a few modules on how best to use words, how to speak using pauses and framing, how to manage an audience’s expectations; how to keep my message brief and on point. And most importantly that to engage an audience I need to know how to elicit the intention behind their questions. And never to take anything personally! A great maxim for life.”

How valuable would you rate this learning experience?

“This is a superb, informative and fun course in easy to digest modules that will appeal to professional speakers and facilitators as well as anyone who would like to have more impact in their day-to-day communication.” Gina shares that the structure of the videos, where Colin demonstrates and engages with a live audience, was both entertaining and easy to learn from. The review of key learnings at the end of each module also helped to embed her skills and understanding. “Learn how to fully engage your audience; structure your speech or presentation; avoid jargon, and most importantly learn how to fall in love with your voice so that you have your audience hooked.” “As Colin so eloquently says: Learn how to paint with words and make your language elegant, simple and precise.”

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