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Sustained learning techniques are used to ensure that our training is not only hard-hitting, challenging and provoking - but that it is relevant and achieves real ROI.

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Deeply practical programs focus on teaching new skills and trying them out. Learn more

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Participants are highly engaged, constantly learning & seeing results on the day. Learn more

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What makes our learning experience unique?

Participants are deeply engaged, constantly learning and see results on the day – giving them the confidence
to keep practicing their skills and improve their capability once they leave the training room.


We focus on 'How'

Understanding 'How' you need to shift skills is vital. Many courses focus on 'What' and 'Why' – missing this key step. Our deeply practical programs focus on teaching you immediately applicable skills.

Sustained learning
is our focus

New behaviours and attitudes are formed by frequent, consistent and conscious practice over time; this builds new neural connections. Our programs use techniques, materials, people and practical experiences that force you to build these new cognitive pathways.

Lifelong champions of our community

Support doesn’t stop after our training ends. Everyone is invited to our thriving alumni community. Offering a supportive LinkedIn Group, regular complementary events and content. Our facilitators love to champion your team's progression.

HOW DO CJM sustain learning?

Sustained learning techniques

Review the sustained learning techniques we use by clicking on the dropdown menu below. Some are subtle but with constant reinforcement, they ensure we achieve results.


Visually engaging our audience with flipcharting

What is it?
Visual aids are an essential element of effective communication, but they must be used wisely. We find the use of PowerPoint slides is often relied on as a script by facilitators, which distracts participants from the key messages. Our facilitators commonly use flipcharts to draw out key concepts and build ideas to show how you can deliver impactful communications – without relying on a deck of slides.

Why it works?
Drawing helps to embed the learning because it provides a sensory experience that builds on the page. The audience are far more engaged as they look to see what will appear rather than scanning ahead over pre-prepared slides. This style of visual learning offers another way to understand and we are often told by participants that they find it easier to remember the key concepts.

How we use it?
Our facilitators use flip charting in the delivery of our programs to sketch and write out the key concepts. Participants are also provided with colourful markers and a workbook to draw images and notes, which helps with memory and stimulates deeper learning.

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Delivery methods to suit your business and training requirements

Our deeply practical programs focus on teaching you immediately applicable skills. Our expert facilitators incorporate a broad range of sustained learning tools and techniques into their delivery.

Your top questions answered


What is sustained learning?
New behaviours and attitudes are formed by frequent, consistent and conscious practice over time; this builds new neural connections and patterns, which overtake the old ones, so we can think and behave in new ways. We use this technique to develop new skills and habits in our training programs. Our programs constantly support you with techniques, materials, people and practical experiences that force you to build these new pathways in your brain. Ensuring that what you hear, see and experience is helping you learn.
What is blended learning?
Blended learning is a method of education that combines online and in-person training. It allows participants to access course materials and complete assignments online, while also providing the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with facilitators and coaches and peers through traditional classroom sessions. This approach helps embed training faster.
How does CJM incorporate blended learning?
We use blended learning to prepare our participants for many of our live training sessions. By providing online course materials and resources beforehand, participants have the opportunity to get a head start on the subject matter and come to the live training sessions with a solid foundation of knowledge. Plus, with interactive online activities like quizzes and discussions, participants can get a feel for the material and make sure they're fully prepared to get the most out of the in-person training. It's all about finding that perfect balance between online and in-person learning to ensure a personalised and effective learning experience.
Participant Stories

What people say

We create training and coaching programs that work, helping organisations translate their cultural and strategic aspirations into deep execution.

Bridget-Whelan_Saracens-Group-Case study
Bridget Whelan

Group Head Of People

Completely changed my communication approach, it’s been so powerful. A course that opened up the basic principles of communication and effectively landing messages.
Rob Geddes Headshot SAP
Rob Geddes

Head Of Services, UK and Ireland

Personally, I have been more confident that my messages are landing consistently well and I get the feedback from the team in various sessions that the messages are effective and they have enjoyed them.

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