Keynotes and Masterclasses

Bite-sized training that packs a punch – motivating and inspiring diverse audiences. Perfect for large audiences or small teams with limited budgets.

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Instant impact

Impart one key skill or message to your team or leaders - driving fast capability shifts.

Memorable experiences

Memorable experiences

Interactive workshops that ensure ideas are retained and remembered.

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World-class delivery

CJM facilitators and speakers artfully capture attention and engage.

Our Unique Training Experience

Inspire your leaders and teams

Targeted impact

Short form deliveries are perfect for driving impact in one key skill. Whether you want to focus on storytelling or boost confidence we can tailor a masterclass or keynote to suit your group size.


Engaging conference speakers

Our tailored keynotes motivate at sales kick-offs, inspire change at a company gathering and engage clients at conferences. Keynotes achieve significant impact - on a large scale - within short timeframes.

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Impactful tailored masterclasses

Masterclasses are ideal for large teams with limited availability, or small teams with limited budgets. CJM facilitators provide bitesize workshops that shift capability without taking team away from the desk for too long.


Renowned speaker
Colin James

With other 30-years experience under his belt our Co-Founder Colin is a well-respected keynote speaker in Australia. Known for his unique cartooning skills and transformative messaging.

Trusted by leading companies
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Tailored keynotes and masterclasses

Our masterclasses and keynote deliveries are tailored to the organisation or event needs and focus on a mixture of these key areas of expertise.


Boost impact and influence skills - drive goals.
Develop the ability to engage, inspire and influence others in meetings, presentations, 1:1 or pitching. Ensuring every message counts.
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Develop visionary and adaptive leaders.
How to manage change and inspire others to meet ambitious goals. Realigning thinking and driving innovation.
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Maintain energy levels and high-performance
Support leaders to reduce stress. Providing them actionable techniques and measurable tools to manage competing demands.
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Led by our expert trainers

Internationally acclaimed speakers, corporate facilitators and coaches inspire your team.

Other delivery methods to suit your needs

Our deeply practical training focuses on teaching your audience immediately applicable skills. Our expert facilitators incorporate a broad range of sustained learning tools and techniques into their delivery.


Your top questions answered

What is the difference between a Masterclass and a Keynote?
Keynotes are typically suited to large audiences (20+) and do not require any pre or post training to support the learning. There is limited interaction or practical exercises to try the new skill.

We limit the size of Masterclass groups to ensure the facilitator can provide an interactive experience and allow participants to try out new skills during the training. Masterclasses might also include pre or post online training elements to prepare the audience or sustain the learning afterwards.
How many people can attend a keynote
We have delivered keynotes to small groups of 10 all the way to 1,000. Our facilitators use our communication methodology to grab the attention of large crowds and ensure that they put aside their phones and concentrate on the delivery.
I have a large group, do I need a keynote or a training program?
We work with you to discuss the outcomes you need and find a suitable option to deliver on that.

Significant behaviour change or a complex set of new skills cannot be embedded within an hour or two. We will recommend the best solution for your team and ensure that you see the capability shift you need - whether that be via a motivating keynote or a deeper series of training workshops.
Do you deliver virtual masterclasses and keynotes?
Yes, we are able to translate our keynote to the screen if you have a large dispersed team. Or provide an interactive Zoom masterclass if this suits your needs.
Customer Stories

What people say

Hear first-hand experiences of our training from participants and clients across the globe.

Amanda_in green scarf
Amanda Jenkins

Head of Talent

Gave the team some great ideas and approaches to support themselves and their teams through the next phase of our journey. It was great that you were able to listen to X and Y and integrate their stories into your presentation so that the flow and content evolved positively.
Charle Howard
Charle Howard

Sales Implementation Manager

Please pass our sincere thanks to Colin James for his exceptional contribution to our National Sales Conference last week. Every time I work with Colin I’m surprised and delighted – he never disappoints and he was so on brief – we were thrilled with the outcome. His session really resonated with our team.

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