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Kate Mort

Government Relations, Public Policy & Infrastructure Manager - WA (formerly)

Perth, Australia

| Mastering Communication Live

“Made me far more confident about speaking in any sort of environment.”

Kate saw our program as an opportunity to fine-tune how she engaged with colleagues and stakeholders at Cricket Australia. She now feels confident, authentic and clear every time she presents to an audience.

What were you hoping to get out of the program when you signed up?

A rising star in her field, Kate saw our program as a chance to fine-tune the way she engaged with colleagues and stakeholders. “It was an opportunity to be really thoughtful about how I go about my everyday work.” Kate says her team at Cricket Australia signed up to the program upon the recommendation of one of her colleagues. While her role frequently involves speaking in front of an audience, she still battled with public speaking nerves from time to time. Often involved in meetings with colleagues much older than herself, she worried about being the youngest person in the room, fearing that it impacted her authority during discussions. It was important for her to learn how to communicate with authority to her colleagues, so they trust that she knows what she talks what she’s talking about. Kate was seeking key tools and skills to help her overcome this challenge.

Which elements have you found to be the most helpful?

Learning the power of “creating relevance” for your audience really stood out for Kate in the course. She says “it’s so easy to know what you want to say and what it means to you” but she believes what’s often overlooked is an understanding of “what’s important to your audience” before you speak. Having witnessed the brunt of organisational conflict firsthand at Cricket Australia, Kate also learnt how to effectively acknowledge a difficult period when you speak to an audience, so it simply becomes a “seamless introduction” to your topic. The value of anchoring your key principals during communication is another element Kate found helpful. Passionate about her role and her contributions, she says “it’s easy to go on tangents” however you risk your audience then leaving without remembering the point. By planning her communication to anchor the main principles, she says “everyone knows exactly the point you have”. While Kate doesn’t consider herself a shy person, once completing the program she “certainly feel[s] more confident” now when public speaking.

What sets this program apart from others?

Kate felt the program supported the participants with a focus on “bringing out the best in you”. The difference she noticed in this program was the “even playing field”, so everyone could develop their own unique strengths. The learning environment “felt safe”, which meant no one was worried about being themselves. Discovering how she could communicate authentically was the standout for Kate, believing the methodology “teaches you the tools to be you”.

Who do you think should attend this type of course?

Kate says the Mastering Communication training program has valuable lessons for “anyone in any sort of working capacity” who wants to be better at their job.

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