Don’t let job interviews overwhelm you - learn to artfully demonstrate your experience and expertise.

Join our short online course and develop the skills to prepare like a pro, interview with impact and be remembered as an exceptional candidate.

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A lifetime toolkit for influence

A lifetime toolkit for influence

In a fast evolving and crowded market, job opportunities are tough to crack. Expert interview skills are the edge you need to wow the panel.

Walk away from the online course with:

  • The ability to customise an application to perfectly align with the role
  • A library of stories to pull from to highlight your experience & achievements
  • The confidence to be engaging and present with impact
  • The skills to calmly manage each stage of the interview process
  • A strong understanding of how to prep for 1:1, group, phone and video interview formats
Skills to make you stand out

Skills to make you stand out

Convince any employer you are the ideal candidate. Learn how to outshine your peers and highlight your strengths effortlessly.

Our communications and recruitment experts will teach you how to:

  • Prepare effectively in advance
  • Share engaging stories that link to interview questions
  • Quickly build an emotional connection with interviewers
  • Provide compelling evidence of your competency
  • Respond artfully to behavioural questions
Support for emerging leaders

Support for emerging leaders

Whether you are applying for a position in a new company, or climbing the ranks within your own, accelerate your success in the business world with these lifelong skills.

  • Be prepared and confident when searching for a new job
  • Gain the skills now to plan for your next career move
  • Make your valued contributions known when reapplying internally for your role
  • Enhance your chances when applying for a promotion

Learn at your own pace - with expert coaches

Receive ongoing support and feedback

Complete the course with a bank of relevant stories

Bite-sized videos and tasks - keep you engaged

Helping professionals advance their career

Job interview training that is loved by learners.

What does the course look like in action?

Download our helpful training app and easily start the five carefully curated modules. Receive step-by-step guidance and support for every stage of the process: application – preparation – interview – follow up. Use the key resources, tools and skills to ensure you are the standout candidate.


Enjoy recruiter and career coaching tips

We have partnered with trusted recruitment and career coaching specialists Beaumont People to record some BONUS footage on the key questions you want answers to – from passionate professionals who help people secure their dream position every day!

Learn how to pitch yourself to a recruiter; how technology has affected the interview process; follow-up faux pas; and the top ways to stand out in 2022 and much more. 

Browse each module...

We welcome you to the course with a brief overview of the modules and an introduction from your experts Colin James and Erica Bagshaw. We’ll talk you through the course milestones and run a quick task to get you started.

1. Welcome 
2. Meet The Team

Preparation is key for success. Discover how to customise your application to stand out and align with the role. What research to do in advance, and how to cultivate confidence in yourself and what you have to offer – allowing you to put your best foot forward on the day.

1. Understanding The Job Advert 
2. Do The Research 
3. Backing Yourself 
4. Managing Your Inner Critic 
5. Do You Fit The Role? 
6. First Impressions Count 
7. Key Resources

Firstly a guided exercise helps you to reflect on your professional/life experiences to draw examples of your strengths and skills. We then show you how to craft these into a compelling library of stories you can draw on to answer common interview questions and pull out the bag to combat curveball questions.

1. Highlighting Your Achievements
2. Finding Your Examples 
3. Turning Your Experience Into Compelling Stories 
4. How To Link Your Stories 
5. Key Resources 


Now it’s time to refine your delivery to guarantee you make the best impression. Expert presentation skills will ensure you are both engaging and memorable on the day. Next we’ll cover preparing for video and phone interviews and formulating the right questions to ask the interviewer.

1. Keys For Confidence And Rapport 
2. Telling Compellingly  
3. Phone And Video Interviews 
4. Asking Questions 
5. Key Resources

Knowing what to do post-interview can be tough. Applying for jobs can be highly competitive, often making the process exhausting. In this module, we explore how to follow-up effectively, as well as a note on self-care to ensure you stay resilient during this time.

1. Follow Up Post Interview 
2. Self Care Is Key
3. Next Steps 
4. Key Resources 

Keen to keep learning and explore more ways to enhance your impact? Here we provide some extra resources and videos to ensure you can continue the journey after the core modules. Keep an eye out as we develop more valuable content it will be added here for you to utilise.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 6-month access included
  • 4-hours on-demand training 
  • Downloadable resources 
  • Bonus tips from recruiters

Price: AUD$187

(Equivalent to $31 per month)

Meet the experts

Learn about the two experienced coaches who will support you on this journey…

Job interview training Colin James and Erica Bagshaw
Colin James


World-renowned communication expert and deeply engaging educator, speaker, and facilitator Colin James has 30-years’ experience working with corporate professionals, delivering to audiences ranging from six to 6,000 people.

Colin’s unique style won him, Australian Educator of the Year in 2008 and Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year 2020, he has long been held in deep regard by his peers. His deeply practical approach to learning and good sense of humour will support you to learn the craft of storytelling for interviews with ease.
Erica Bagshaw


As a prominent leadership and resilience trainer, speaker and coach Erica’s career spans over 30-years; it includes 13-years working as a recruiter and 15 running her own businesses providing her great insight to support you within this course.

In her work as an executive coach with senior leaders in top 50 organisations in Australia and across the world, Erica challenges her clients to dig deep and cultivate the skills and attitude required for success. Her broad business experience provides her with a breadth of expertise that brings profound value to this training.

How have others benefited?

Feedback from participants who have excelled after completing the course…

 – Raghavendra Upadhyaya, Phd Graduate, Central Queensland University

 – Nadia Hall, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager,  Adobe

 – Georgie Pearce, Marketing Manager, Financial Services

Bec O'Conner

 – Bec O’Connor Career Transition Coach 

“The content is first-rate. The videos are short and contain practical tips and insights. I thought it was great!”

 – Craig Murphy, GM Customer, People & Culture, Henley Properties

Henley Properties logo

I am now able to confidently relay how I will add value to an organisation. I know how to structure my answers and prepare so I present well.

- Shaun Mathews, Graduate, Finance Degree

Definitely worth doing. It's comprehensive and has a large range of questions and approaches that can be adapted for any kind of business industry to help you prepare.

- Yelena Mendis, Marketing Manager, ALT Energy

As a nervous interviewer I have found the depth of information really useful. The course was really methodical and I benefited from the opportunities to practice the skills.

- Hua Li, Internal Audit & Risk Assurance Manager, Banking Sector

Imagine walking into an interview
feeling confident - prepared - and set for success...

How good would that feel?

Boost your chances by joining the course today!

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