Improve your presentations and pitches with our virtual reality training rooms

Ever been asked to step-up to speak to a bigger audience? Get pitch-perfect by rehearsing presentations in advance in realistic, immersive virtual environments.

– Feel more prepared
– Gain more confidence
– Overcome nerves

The easy way to practice and review your delivery in advance… ensuring you shine on the day.

Ongoing practice is critical to communication success.
Yet one of the biggest challenges is getting real-time practice and feedback for that important board meeting, presentation or high stakes conversation, ahead of the real event.

THE PRACTICE ROOMS is a new virtual reality training tool from The Colin James Method®’s partnership with award-winning VR specialists Virtual Speech. Giving you the edge, this innovative technology is a first in Australia.

It’s the groundbreaking solution to rehearse day or night in a safe, comfortable and realistic environment, building your confidence with the content so you can connect and add value to your audience on the day.

Watch how


Available with our Mastering Communication Programs

The PRACTICE ROOMS VR training supports the Advanced and Premium Mastering Communication programs and the Online program. It’s designed to help you with your ongoing practice for 12-months. Upgrade to include this VR app for 12-months, so you make an impact in every communication.


This brand-new virtual reality training app enables you to immerse yourself in real-life business relevant scenarios and practice your communication and presentation skills in front of a virtual audience. You can load your presentation slides, receive feedback on your pitch, tone, speed and eye contact… and get comfortable with your content in advance.

THE PRACTICE ROOMS training tool gives you access to 6 different virtual reality training rooms, allowing you to work on your communication skills in different scenarios before you deliver to your live audience.


Practice for major business conferences.


Overcome public speaking nerves & build confidence.


Deliver with influence and impact in important meetings.


Improve training course content and prepare training delivery.


Practice and prepare for major media and press interviews and events.


Hone your sales pitch or team communications to get results.

Why use virtual reality for communication skills practice?


Active practice

Helps you practice your skills and prepare for high stakes communications.


Experiential learning

Immersive training with realistic business scenarios in a safe virtual reality environment.


Instant feedback

Receive feedback on performance, including pauses, eye contact and speaking pace.

Proven results

88% of employees said they had improved with virtual reality training.

What do I need to access THE PRACTICE ROOMS?

The Mastering Communication Program

First, you need to learn the methodology and skills to become an effective and influential communicator by undertaking a Mastering Communication Program. When you understand and can apply world-class communication techniques and preparation, you’ll be ready to practice to perfection with THE PRACTICE ROOMS, VR app.


You can upgrade to get 12-months' access to the VR practice app with the following programs:

Each program includes a series of videos.  Just perfect to watch a coaching session and then practice this skill in the VR app.  It’s great if you need to focus for a big presentation or meeting.



Download the free Virtual Speech phone app from the app store. Purchase either the Mastering Communication Premium, Advanced or Online program and add the VR bundle. Then enter your unique code sent to you from The Colin James Method® to access THE PRACTICE ROOMS.


Virtual Reality Goggles

To immerse yourself in the training you will need virtual reality goggles. If you already have virtual reality goggles then you can use these with the app. Alternatively, virtual reality goggles are available online and at leading electronic stores. Great goggles range anywhere in price from $30 upwards. There are many uses for virtual reality goggles now from watching immersive travel experiences to accessing movies online.


Our recommendations can be found here.

Key features of THE PRACTICE ROOMS


High quality environments

Photo realistic environments, including large and small conference rooms, as well as training rooms and meetings.


Avatar interaction

Interact with avatars who can react to what you are saying and provide visual feedback on performance.


Load in your slides

Add slides into the virtual conference room so you can effectively practice for your upcoming event.


Upload speeches

After you’ve finished a speech or pitch, upload the audio to the learning portal where you can review it and send it to a colleague to provide feedback.


Voice analysis & recording

Get feedback on speaking pace, filler words, eye contact and more. You can also play back recordings to identify areas of improvement.


Sound & distractions

The training app immerses you in 360° sound using the latest VR audio technology. You can enable distractions to make it even more real.

Request a LIVE demo for your team

Interested in VR Training for your team or organisation? Our communication skills specialists are on hand to answer your enquiries and book a live demo and presentation of THE PRACTICE ROOMS for you and your team.

Combine with the Mastering Communication program

Amplify the effectiveness of your investment in a public Mastering Communication course by adding THE PRACTICE ROOMS virtual reality app to your purchase. It will help you practice your new communication skills and ensure you nail every delivery.
  • The Practice Rooms
  • Advanced
  • Online
The Practice Rooms - Virtual Reality App

Available to ‘add on’ to our Mastering Communication programs

Practice Rooms Program

Practice makes perfect. Our VR app helps reduce the stress of rehearsal.

Immerse yourself in real business scenarios, load your presentation slides and get real-time feedback to nail it on the day.

The PRACTICE ROOMS VR training supports the Advanced/Online Mastering Communication programs. It’s designed to help you with your ongoing practice for 12-months. Upgrade to include this VR app for 12-months’, so you make an impact in every communication.

Add AUD$352 (inc gst) to program price

Suitable for:

Emerging Talent Emerging Talent
Emerging Talent
People Leaders People Leaders
People Leaders
Speakers & Trainers
Mastering Communication Advanced

2-days of LIVE virtual or face-to-face training with 8-weeks' online training & support

Advanced Program

Designed for those who need to make an impact and make it quick.

AUD$2,750 (inc gst)

22% earlybird discount available until one month before the training. Use promo code LASTCHANCE at checkout.

Suitable for:

Employees Employees
Emerging Talent Emerging Talent
Emerging Talent
People Leaders People Leaders
People Leaders
Speakers & Trainers
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Don’t put personal development on the backburner due to COVID-19. Excellent communication skills in virtual meetings, presentations and pitches have never been more vital.