Eddy Harrison-Lee


A supportive and trusted coach with many years experience helping professionals in a variety of business sectors.

Specialist Areas

With a background spanning sales, finance, business systems analysis and over 20 years of teaching traditional Chinese martial arts, Eddy synthesises ideas from a wide range of disciplines to engage and inspire people from all walks of life. He draws on tools such as humour, storytelling and scientific evidence to explain complex ideas simply and surface hidden barriers to change.

During his career in organisational development, Eddy has coached individuals in various seniority levels, conducting 1:1 coaching, as well as group residential programs for industries such as healthcare, finance, government, insurance and the energy sector.

Eddy has spent 10 years exploring these complementary ideas; cultivating curiosity as a self-sustaining catalyst for innovation, change and problem solving, and the role of the unconscious mind in skill acquisition, creativity and peak performance. 

His experience and passion for teaching martial arts has proven to be an ideal vehicle for deciphering how knowledge is transformed into sustained behavioural change. By fusing this experience with the latest scientific insights Eddy selects the right content, and process, to get people from a conceptual understanding of ideas, to embodying them.​  


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