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Upskill and elevate your team’s capacity to communicate effectively through conversational business stories that motivate, engage and change behaviour.

Simplify complexity | Inspire teams | Lift engagement | Implement change | Drive action | Bring values alive

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Watch how organisations are using business storytelling to effectively initiate action and change.

”This provided my team with the structure I was looking for to effectively deliver an outstanding customer experience."

– Andrew Del Rosario, Service Advisor, Banking Sector, Australia

Do your people face any of these challenges?

Upskilling their corporate storytelling skills is the solution.

The magic of storytelling in business conversations…

When was the last time you were enthralled by someone’s message or deeply motivated to take action in your organisation?

If you’re like most leaders we know, it’s a rarity and no wonder. Rushing to the next meeting, hosting presentations full of dot points and spreadsheets. Today’s professionals have overloaded plates and no room for another serve of information!

Yet, when a simple story is delivered to us, our brain fires up… engaging us immediately.

Stories are a mighty business tool for leaders to cut through the noise and deliver memorable messages with impact.

Conjuring up our imaginations, stories help to frame ideas into something tangible, relatable and meaningful. With proven high engagement, this is the way to get your message heard and retained in today’s busy world.

Where can business storytelling make a difference in your organisation?

1. Help teams to visualise and drive a new strategy 

2. Drive objectives with ease by building influential leaders in difficult matrix structures

3. Achieve employee buy-in for your new change initiatives

4. Consult with clients more meaningfully to earn trust and increase sales

5. Simplify complex information for clients and stakeholders

6. Effortlessly engage and inspire teams in meetings

7. Deliver a knockout sales pitch

8. Captivate audiences fast in presentations

9. Create a connection with company values

What business storytelling skills will your team learn?

We tailor our delivery to meet your objectives

We’ll work collaboratively to customise our approach to suit your outcomes and the size of your group. We offer various business storytelling training options; an in-house half-day or full-day with the option of incorporating online learning and live virtual workshop for even more flexibility across remote teams.

Our expert facilitators will deliver a deeply practical event, thoroughly researching your people to ensure everyone’s capabilities and challenges are considered. Discuss your needs with us and we can tailor a program to suit you.

Live Workshop

FACE-TO-FACE Workshops

Bring your employees together for a hands-on, collaborative learning experience. Design an in-house full day or half day business storytelling workshop that meets the outcomes of your organisation. Deep engagement and fast results are guaranteed.



Engage remote teams and provide flexible participation options with online webinars and live virtual training. Streamed globally, these are a simple way to coach larger groups. With deep interaction and live Q&A, they are also perfect to sustain learning after in-house training.

Mater Classes & Keynotes


Short on time but want to do something in-house? Get the live experience and condense the learning through a keynote on business storytelling. Perfect to boost capability at a conference or leadership training off-site.

Online Training

Online Courses

Allow teams to learn at their own pace with access to our step-by-step online courses. Ideal for international or remote members of staff. Online video modules, assessments, and gamification ensure they stay engaged and retain the learning.

Our step-by-step online course makes it easy...

Limited by budget or need storytelling skills fast – why not consider our short 6-week Persuasive Business Storytelling online course? This flexible and deeply practical public course will guide you (and your team) through how to findconstruct – and deliver relevant business stories with impact.

Our approach

The engagement process is all about discovering and delivering the desired outcomes of your business. We work collaboratively with you to delve deep into your goals and tailor the training around your unique needs. How does it work? A typical engagement for our programs looks like this:

Fill in the form below to enquire about how we can help transform the skills in your organisation

Speak with one of our facilitators to see if we may be a good fit for your organisation and we will share insights and ideas around your existing objectives

Now you’ve decided we are a close fit, our team will attend briefing sessions to discuss your specific goals and requirements for your people and your business

We craft a suitable training and development experience that will deliver the outcomes your organisation requires

To enhance the learning experience we may engage participants in pre-session surveys and training, to both prepare them and to ensure we understand their perspective

Bespoke training tailored to your teams business contexts and their stated needs, ensuring everyone gets the most from the time invested

To ensure the learning sticks and goals are achieved we build in follow up opportunities through a variety of methods

We track both feedback and NPS from the delivery and connect with you to review program impact

Hear our client success stories…

Industry: Finance

Deeply practical and relevant to their day-to-day work.

Top Talent Storytelling Course

Recently, we were invited to deliver our storytelling program to a group of high potential employees across a large organisation in the banking sector. With 320 participants in various business areas and locations across Asia Pacific, we customised the types of delivery we provided to meet their needs.

Their priority was to build a culture where their core values and beliefs were being translated into day-to-day conversations and behaviours.  

Consultation with the program organiser led us to recommend a delivery with three core options, tailored to the varied locations and availabilities of the staff.

This encompassed live, physical, virtual and online learning including –
  • 4-hour in-house workshops at central locations
  • Live 4-hour virtual workshop for regional locations
  • Access to our online Persuasive Business Storytelling course for those who couldn’t attend the two live options
We hosted three live half-day workshops with their employees at various cities across Australia. Each piece of training explored how to build and deliver stories that reflect the core values of this organisation. 

Deeply practical and relevant to their day-to-day work. All attendees were taught the ‘how’ of storytelling as well as the ‘why’. Each leaving with their own story to use the next day at work.

Since the program, the program sponsors have noticed a lift in their confidence when delivering. They are able to utilise storytelling in their everyday business conversations to drive key objectives successfully and secure the results they need. This investment by the bank has helped to future-proof the high potential employees who will become the next generation of leaders.

What makes our learning experience unique?

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