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Increase your ability to motivate, engage and change behaviour in just 6 weeks. Use effective storytelling to cut through the noise and deliver memorable messages.

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Employees - Emerging Talent - People Leaders - CEO's

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Gain the confidence, skills and experience to launch into a relevant business story at the drop of a hat.

Want your message to cut-through in presentations, meetings and one-to-one conversations? In this step-by-step online course, learn to use the tool of storytelling when engaging with stakeholders, colleagues and clients to enhance your ability to influence and drive outcomes.

Over 6-weeks you will learn:

  • Why storytelling is such a powerful business tool 
  • Where to find stories for your key ideas and messages
  • How to construct an engaging story
  • How to deliver your story and captivate your audience
  • How to refine this into mastery

Who's this for?

This course has been designed for a variety of professionals who need to have impact and influence:



Emerging Talent
Emerging Talent



People Leaders
People Leaders




Whether you’re an aspiring graduate or senior executive the ability to sell your ideas fast is a vital skill. Storytelling fires up your audience’s brain… engaging immediately and ensures all eyes are on you.

  • Simplify complexity

  • Inspire teams

  • Lift engagement

  • Implement change
  • Drive action

  • Bring values alive

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Course Content

Discover what you will learn in each of the 6 modules below in detail:

To kick-off, we want you to understand why storytelling is such a powerful business tool and what you can achieve by using it. Module 1 will walk you through the WHY, explore each type of story you can use and how to identify the right type of story for different scenarios.

Wondering where you can find your own stories? In Module 2, learn about where they come from and how you can find them to build a story library for your key ideas and messages. You’ll also look at the latest trends in business storytelling and why they are so influential.

Holding your audience’s attention from start to finish is critical to the success of your persuasion. In Module 3, you find out how to construct an engaging story using our magic formula as well as how to to use analogies and how to create a link between two seemingly different things.

In Module 4 we share with you the fundamental techniques for your delivery and how you can seamlessly weave stories into your business presentations for greater impact. Learn how to captivate your audience and compel them to feel, think and act differently with your message.

It’s time to start writing your story! For Module 5 you can put everything you have learned so far into practice using the worksheet to construct a persuasive business story.

Let’s take it up a notch. For your final Module, we widen the scope by exploring the key elements of storytelling mastery. Delve deeper into the craft and learn how you can build a bank of stories that will enhance your influence and engagement in business.

Meet the experts

Learn about the experienced communication coaches and recruitment specialists who will support you on this journey…

Job interview training Colin James and Erica Bagshaw

Colin James & Erica Bagshaw


Both Colin and Erica have over 20 years’ experience as speakers, working with many of the top 50 companies across the world.

The art of story is fundamental to communicate with purpose and meaning in business, and Colin and Erica are passionate about bringing it alive in business contexts. As specialists in leadership, communication, resilience and change, together they Co-Founded the leadership training and development company, The Colin James Method Pty, which provides the gold standard methodology for business communication.
Over many years they have coached thousands of people around the world to discover the power of story. Facilitating and delivering masterclasses, workshops, keynotes and in-house corporate training programs to help professionals elevate their influence. Story masters themselves, Colin and Erica believe this is a vital future skill that anyone can learn and have a proven method to get you there.

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