Paul Bindig

The Colin James Method®

Adelaide, Australia

The Colin James Method

“Paul has a really friendly and welcoming manner. He shares his knowledge and provides guidance in a safe and useful way, with a good mix of examples and active practice sessions.”

| Tiana Nairn, Policy Group Manager, LMS Energy, Australia


As a consultant for the past 4 years, Paul coaches leaders and executives across Australia to achieve key outcomes and unleash their full potential. He is a highly experienced facilitator, coach and manager eager to support the wellbeing and effectiveness of business professionals. With over 27 years at Commonwealth Bank, Paul got his foot in the door at just 17 on a Youth Traineeship and built himself from the ground up to an Executive Manager position. During this time, he delivered keynote presentations to audiences sizes of up to 800 on topics such as coping with change, staff engagement, sales effectiveness, influencing stakeholders, managing referrals and understanding the global financial crisis.

His solid career history in financial services working with high-performance teams informs the development and coaching work he does to support the success of corporate leaders.

Paul Bindig has worked closely with high-performance leaders and executives across Australia for over two decades to achieve key outcomes and unleash their full potential. A business coach since 1999, Paul has been supporting such professionals in various capacities for over 2 decades; as a deeply experienced facilitator; coach and manager. He strives to support the wellbeing and effectiveness of business professionals globally.


  • Deakin University, Diploma of Management,  – 
  • Coaching Mastery – The Source International, 2001
  • Mentoring in the Community – TAFE SA, 2005


Paul’s philosophy

“It’s my aim to unleash your full potential so you can achieve your personal best in whatever you do.”

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