Nachelle Crowther

The Colin James Method®

London, England

The Colin James Method

“Nachelle’s ability to galvanise and inspire people, is one which is rare amongst facilitators. Her passion, drive and motivation, is only equalled by her empathy, intuition and ability to learn from every situation. Nachelle is supportive, respectful, resourceful and good natured. Her level of good practice is amongst the best I’ve encountered. Nachelle is a great visionary and collaborator, whose unique approach would be a gift to any individual or organisation.”

| Talmud Bah, CEO and Principal Consultant, TMGB Innovations, United Kingdom


Nachelle brings a breadth of skills and experience from her eclectic career spanning various industries. Over the past 30 years, she has coached and led high-performance teams in the fields of media, special forces, education, health and technology. Including working with News International, DMGT, special reconnaissance teams, being the cox of a female rowing squad and a range of executive roles in England. Her unique background enriches her ability to support teams and help them to connect, communicate and achieve tangible results.

Specialising in leading and supporting people towards their success, in 2019 Nachelle established Evolve Generation; a community group that works with educational institutions to support and develop resilience, EQ and life skills for future generations. In 2013 in another role she facilitated over 7,000 transformation consultants across the UK, USA and Europe to tackle the growing obesity epidemic. Nachelle has also been a leadership and entrepreneurial coach for the past 9-years, as well as being a sports coach for hockey and rowing teams.

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