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Provide expert support for your team to collaborate and drive winning strategies with our corporate facilitation services.

“Colin models leadership engagement from the front of the room. He skillfully takes seemingly complex matters and puts them into simple terms. Colin’s elegance of design and the art of delivery is second to none.”

– Dr Yvonne Su, CSP Specialist, Leadership Development Group, Canada

Guided leadership dialogue ensures constructive outcomes

81% believe the skills to navigate complexity and ambiguity are vital for 21st century leaders.

- Deloitte, Leading The Social Enterprise: Reinventing With A Human Focus, 2019

Guided leadership dialogue ensures constructive outcomes

Today senior leaders are expected to be adaptive, visionary, innovative, collaborative, agile and drive direction and results, but they need to work collectively to meet these goals. Collaboration is hard when time together as a team is limited – off-sites are often crammed with a packed agenda and it is hard to craft significant insights and achieve real change.

To make the most of the investment in time leadership team meetings, strategic planning sessions and board/executive retreats all need superb, objective facilitation skills. An external facilitator provides the unbiased capability to create and hold an environment for deep change and be both a provocateur and coach, to elicit real outcomes.

Support high performance leadership teams with expert facilitation services

At The Colin James Method® we have a team of deeply experienced facilitators available to ask the difficult questions, bring to the surface the ‘unsaid’ stuff, manage the overly dominant players and
ensure that the team is not side-tracked by off-road meanderings or unnecessary conflict.

The role of leadership teams is to decide the strategic and operational effectiveness of their businesses. This can be a complex, politically fraught, personality-driven, power play at times and a strong hand to manage these dynamics can ensure productive debate is achieved. 

Years of international corporate facilitation services experience across a range of industries gives our facilitators the business acumen and knowledge to elicit real outcomes and encourage your teams to navigate these waters with ease.

Leadership teams with expert facilitation

Why might your team need leadership facilitation?


Navigate complex topics

Manage difficult subjects with ease with support and guidance.
Why stories are relevant

Remain constructive and on track

Stick to the agenda and ensure all time is used wisely.
Provoke deeper discussions

Manage overly dominant personalities

Uphold a balanced, respectful dialogue with contributions from all parties.

Productivity Boost

Support high performance teams

Through a constructive collaboration that elicits real outcomes.

Lead positive change

Be guided by someone with deep experience

Manage the process effortlessly with the support of an expert.


Provoke deeper discussions

Ensure deadlines and objectives are prioritised and met by increasing clarity and focus.

Who can benefit from hiring a facilitator?

Corporate facilitation services are ideal for all executive events and off-sites where leaders need support to create an environment for dynamic change.

Emerging Talent

People Leaders


Tailored facilitation to suit the needs of your leaders

Our facilitators are experienced business people, who have been in your leadership team’s shoes. Before they event, they will take the time to understand your organisation’s unique challenges and objectives and tailor the experience to fit your needs. Be confident that our facilitators can ask the difficult questions, manage group dynamics, ensure productive debate and meaningful outcomes are achieved.

Tailored Facilitation

Trusted by leading international organisations

Do you want to build your internal facilitation capability?

Train you own team members to effectively facilitate training sessions, group strategy days and project meetings. Attendees at our Mastering Facilitation training gain credibility and learn world-class facilitation skills that result in compelling events with multidisciplinary team and stakeholders. After training they will be able to fully engage and manage a group whilst driving key outcomes.

Support your leadership team to reach transformative outcomes

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