Boost professional & personal confidence

Building confidence is a skill - we call it Lizard Management Strategies. Teams and professionals who learn these proven steps become naturally confident and their careers flourish as a result!

  • Crush the inner critic and realise full potential
  • Communicate and lead with confidence no matter the environment
  • Overcome the fear and self doubt that is career limiting
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“In the 25-years I have been in the financial industry, I have attended countless training sessions & this has been the most valuable.”

– Donald Terris, Associate Director, FX Direct, Banking Sector, Australia

Shift the negative talk and fulfill potential.

We’ve all seen self-doubt and negative talk stopping people from achieving their goals. In a professional setting – a lack of confidence in public speaking or sudden nerves around senior leaders – can be detrimental to an individual’s brand. But confidence is only a skill and it can be learnt and managed with the right technique.

Lizard Management Strategies is a proven methodology we have taught to thousands of professional all over the world, via keynotes, workshops and 1:1 coaching. It has transformed the career trajectory of participants at every seniority level.

Lizard Management Strategies

Find confidence, courage, find the ability to step up and say what needs to be said - and develop a culture of excellence.

- Colin James, Co-Founder, Speaker, Facilitator & Coach

What is the Lizard Management Strategy?

Discover Colin’s four-step model that increases confidence levels, and releases potential in your organisation. A simple metaphor allows individuals to recognise the negative self-talk (around things such as intelligence, physical appearance, voice etc) that has been programmed into them over the years. Once recognised, the technique shows how to move past the inner critic, banish the negativity and step into one’s true self. It is life-changing and triggers shifts in confidence levels that help people thrive, survive, grow and develop.

What you’ll learn...

Definition of confidence

Definition of confidence

Learn the definition of confidence and how to master it as a skill to grow influence and career success.

Physiology of confidence

Physiology of confidence

How to alter physiology to project the body language of a leader and channel presence and confidence when required.
Manage negative thoughts

Manage negative thoughts

Why the four layers of thought are crucial
for gaining natural confidence and how to
manage them effectively.

Banish internal beliefs

Banish internal beliefs

Identify and banish old internal beliefs that may be holding back development and growth.

Access confidence at will

Access confidence at will

Uncover techniques to consciously access this powerful quality on demand.
Release true potential

Release true potential

Build self-awareness and deep insight into beliefs that are holding you back, allowing you to let go of them and move forward.

Who is this for?

We would argue that anyone would find some benefit from this technique in their personal and professional life, no matter their age or seniority.
Emerging Talent
People Leaders

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