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Tech experts struggling to simplify? Learning and development in communication is the key to cut-through

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Setting your company apart in this era is not easy. 

With faster innovation in business and technology, and the growth of digital media and .ai – it’s a steep climb, to keep up. 28% of CEOs believe their company won’t exist 10 years from now if they stay on the same path (PWC). Growth requires transformation and having technological skills alone is not enough.

This is why 86% of Australia’s CEO’s are investing in upskilling their workforce (PWC). Educating and training staff on soft skills such as communication is now a vital requirement to have any impact as a business. 

Free YouTube content and blogs will only take you so far – investing in professionals who do this for a living, can give you an edge to stay ahead of the competition.

Why is learning and development now a competitive differentiator?

What type of experts does your team consist of?

  • Technical experts who have an abundance of product specific knowledge…
  • Incredible leaders who bring the team together and hit deadlines… 
  • Sales professionals who work hard to strike deals… 

But so does every other company! 

What most organisations don’t do, is invest in training their staff to effectively communicate their expertise to decision-makers. To hit their goals and go beyond expected growth in an organisation. Bad communication can make or break a moment.

Most of the time technical experts sound like they’re from another planet because it’s challenging for us to understand their jargon. What does this result in? A loss of productivity from the need to re-explain, loss of investors and lack of cut through with clients. Sales professionals struggle to generate trust and real connections with customers, and leaders can be ineffective because they’re burnt out and working on autopilot. 

There’s a solution to this mess. Engaging your staff in learning and development to optimise their communication and own their confidence will not only increase productivity, and achieve company growth – but most importantly – help you stand out from your competitors. Maybe even leap ahead.

Head of Business & Improvements at Blackmores, Alyssa Young, learned to become more impactful in her overall delivery and to communicate with influence, after investing in our training. “I think the biggest takeaway is that after you see how well you perform using the method, you can’t revert to the way you were communicating before.

How learning and development can attract—and retain—technical talent.

Employees are craving career and learning opportunities – “people who aren’t learning will leave” (2023 LinkedIn Learning Report). Investing in training for your staff does more than develop organisational growth. It created a valued company culture, that encourages great talent to join and stay

Why? Because communication skills training makes their job easier and often boost their career path!

Benefits of investing in communication skills learning and development:

  • Cultivate confidence when communicating with colleagues, clients, leaders and staff
  • Effortlessly achieve buy-in with influence and persuasion
  • Negotiation skills for win-win outcomes
  • Interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Productivity and a balanced pace to avoid burn-out slumps
  • Give memorable deliveries that anchor you in the minds of decision-makers

Training event - Mastering communication LIVE

Innovation and creativity in business development

Innovation is at an all-time high with artificial intelligence being the “buzz”, but it isn’t limited to just growth in technology. Innovation involves changes in mindset, systems, management styles, teamwork, sales tactics, marketing… the list goes on. 

Well-acquired communication skills lead to better innovation in businesses because you move past the basics of getting a company to run effectively. There’s more time and space to practise creativity and compete at a higher level with radically transformative competitors. Create motivating team stories that influence change and inspire everyone to take action.

Technical specialists have more power to covey their expertise and encourage collaborative ideas that lead to alignment with staff in other teams.

How can training in learning and development be strategic?

Goals are set before the start of each financial year as a unit of measurement for success. EOFY is where most remaining training budgets get wasted because organisations simply forget to use them to their advantage. 

Use up your budget before EOFY and knock your competitors out of the park next year! You can always send a handful of people if you don’t have enough for a full in-house course.

Our upcoming LIVE event in Sydney and Melbourne is the perfect opportunity.

Our LIVE public training “Mastering Communication” is unique and backed by science

  • We guide your staff through our methodology – using their own communication to apply the learning in the moment
  • We help shift how specialists communicate technical knowledge in a digestible and coherent form
  • We work in groups to trial some of the techniques and they walk away with a fully formed delivery by the end of the second day
  • This program allows for 1:1 feedback from our expert facilitators to help your staff embed the new skills and perfect their delivery
  • They’ll receive resources to take home and have access to an online portal so that their learning continues, beyond the live training

Register your team NOW to get that head start.


The Colin James Method® Facilitators train corporate executives to improve their professional development with a proven methodology. Our highly trained Facilitators and Coaches are recognised for their experience in their fields and have worked with many individuals and organisations around the world to master the art of communication.

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