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Create Stories That
Influence Change

Join Colin and learn his method to create stories that impact audiences in the workplace.

Create your own business relevant stories in this one hour online Masterclass with Colin James, international speaker, and facilitator. Recorded to help you persuade and convince people. Colin was awarded Australian Educator Of The Year 2008, and scored the highest rating as a speaker across Gartner global conferences in 2018.

On-demand training video to fit around your schedule.

1-Hour Training

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Colin James

International Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

What you’ll learn at this complimentary online workshop

Secret #1 - Structure

Find out how to structure your stories with an easy step-by-step guide.

A proven process to write an effective story, quickly.

Secret #2 - Delivery

Discover techniques to deliver your story with impact and engage your audience.

How to deliver a captivating story that persuades.

Secret #3 - Build Stories

Practice building stories and learn how to build a bank of stories so you can influence in any situation.

How to have stories ready to go.

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