Mastering Communication Program Live

Transform your ability to communicate and influence effectively in the workplace, with our public communication skills training program.

2-day deeply practical and engaging workshop

"Using a replicable method really does improve communication impact and influence. The Colin James Method® is the 'go-to' program for every business communicator, especially for emerging leaders."

– Keith Peel, Organisational Change Manager, Australian Department of Health, Australia

What communication skills will you learn?

Are you an individual seeking to develop your skills or an organisation with just a handful of staff? 
This course will give you the instant uplift you and or your team need.

Communicate confidently

Learn the definition of confidence and how to master it as a skill to grow influence and career success.


Give memorable presentations

Captivate any audience with polished presentation skills that compel action – when delivered face-to-face or virtually.


Influence and achieve buy-in

Learn how to use effective communication skills to get cut-through and build your authority.


Engage easily with storytelling

Motivate, engage and change behaviour using conversational business stories.


Design and rehearse like a pro

Save time and prepare with confidence (even at the last minute) using our simple and trustworthy design tool.

Public Speaking

Build presence and overcome public speaking nerves

Learn strategies to eliminate nerves and deliver your message with ease.

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Build interaction, engagement and secure outcomes in any delivery scenario

No matter the scenario – project meeting, presentation, pitch, media interview or 1:1 consultation you will have the tools to prepare, practise and deliver with confidence. Creating motivating, memorable and persuasive messages.

Program details

$ 2,640
  • 2-day face-to-face or virtual Zoom delivery
  • 8-weeks online support: To prepare - then embed new skills
  • Intensive deep dive into CJM communication methodology
  • Live facilitated experience
  • Prepares you for an upcoming communication delivery
  • Gain the skills to be influential, engaging and confident in any context
  • Receive individual coaching / feedback
  • Downloadable step-by-step templates

Upcoming dates

March 2023 | Brisbane CBD

Wednesday 8th + Thursday 9th

8:30am – 5:30pm (with regular breaks)

June 2023 | Sydney CBD

Wednesday 7th + Thursday 8th

8:30am – 5:30pm (with regular breaks)

18% early-bird discount available

Until 1-month before the event date. Use the promo code EARLYBIRD22 at checkout!

Facilitator coaching participants

Participant outcomes and results


Nick Preshaw



Alyssa Yoong


Dr. Maria Zuschmann

Commonwealth Bank Australia

Berlinda Crowther

Digital Transformation Agency


Daniel Wood



Chris Gilpin



AUD$2,640, however, we offer a 18% discount until 1-month before the event date. Use the promo code EARLYBIRD22 at the online checkout to receive the discount. Or if you are paying by invoice, mention it when you send your enquiry.

ZipPay options

ZipPay is also available.

We’re happy to invoice your or your organisation (if your company is paying for you), please use the ‘Enquire Now’ option and state you require an invoice.

You'll receive a downloadable The Colin James Method® certificate of completion at the end of this program. You can add this achievement to your LinkedIn profile and CV to demonstrate your participation.

This is an immersive experience. We guide you through our methodology, providing lots of new ideas and skills - using your own communication to apply the learning in the moment. We work in groups to trial some of the techniques and you walk away with a fully formed delivery by the end of the second day. Perfect if you have an upcoming presentation, pitch or conversation in mind.

The program allows for 1:1 feedback from our expert facilitators to help you embed the new skills and perfect your delivery. We also provide follow up videos that help you practice and keep developing the skills. And our handy step-by-step communication templates are a valuable addition that we hear are kept for many years to support the development of any important communication.

Throughout the 8 weeks, you’ll have 24/7 access to a modern and easy-to-use mobile app where you can access extra learning modules. Inside short training videos help prepare you for the courses as well as provide post-session insights that keep you focused and sustain your learning. 

You’ll also have some activities and reading to do to make sure you hit the ground running on the day and can make the most of your time with the facilitator.

Our signature communication skills training program ensures that every message you share is retained and remembered. It focuses on three main areas -

1. Diagnosing Your Audience: You'll learn how to understand your audience needs and discover the outcomes they are looking for.

2. Designing A Compelling Message: We give you the tools to structure your content and message to create greater impact.

3. Delivering With Impact: Manage your nerves, create a physiology of confidence and use your stories, your voice and visual aids purposefully to own the room.

Mastering Communication is our signature communication skills training course and over the past 10 years, we have trained thousands of people globally in these career-changing skills. Allowing them to communicate, collaborate and influence with ease. 

These skills not only provide your team with newfound confidence in multiple communication scenarios but also make the communications more effective. Allowing for more efficient meetings, streamlined communications and buy-in for ideas. Clients notice an immediate difference in their team's presence and a marked difference in their ability to drive initiatives, motivate others and engage in any setting.

If you have a large team you may wish to consider our in-house corporate training options

This public training program draws a broad range of professional attendees across a variety of seniority levels, job roles and industries.

We provide an inclusive environment where being amongst the wider collective extends your learning as you see the techniques being utilised in different scenarios.

Absolutely! So often we get feedback that people wish that they had done this training earlier in their career. It provides you with great tools and frameworks to get ahead of your peers and kickstart your career. 

Join our world-class communication training program now

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