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Mastering Communication

Transform your ability to communicate and influence effectively in the workplace, with our public communication skills training program.



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Skills You Learn

What will you learn?

Are you an individual seeking to develop your skills or an organisation with just a handful of staff? This course will give you the instant uplift you or your team need.

Communicate confidently
Learn the definition of confidence and how to master it as a skill to grow influence and career success.
Give memorable presentations
Captivate any audience with polished presentation skills that compel action.
Influence and achieve buy-in
Learn how to use effective communication skills to get cut through and build your authority.
Engage easily with storytelling
Motivate, engage and change behaviour using conversational business stories.
Design and rehearse like a pro
Prepare with confidence using our simple and trustworthy design tools.
Build presence and overcome nerves
Learn strategies to eliminate public speaking nerves and deliver your message with ease.
Manage questions with ease
Develop rapport quickly and calmly deal with difficult conversations and questions.
Deliver in any scenario
Prepare, practise and deliver in meetings, presentations, or 1:1 consultations.

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This immersive live course focuses on practical application of the learning.

June 7, 2023
- June 8, 2023
8.30AM - 5.30PM (With regular breaks)
September 6, 2023
- September 7, 2023
8.30AM - 5.30PM (With regular breaks)

Led by our expert trainers

Expert CJM facilitators and coaches guide you through the program, ensuring you see real change.

Program Details

Part Program

Online modules and live delivery. stages

In order to see sustained results we provide 8-weeks of support. Preparing before the workshop and deepening and supporting post the live time together.


4 weeks before the workshop, you’ll gain 24/7 access to a modern and easy-to-use mobile app. Inside short training videos help prepare you for the courses. You’ll have some pre-work to select your own business-relevant communication to work on throughout the workshops. This ensures you hit the ground running on Day 1.

4 weeks access

Audience Analysis | Communication Design


The start of the live experience. Your CJM facilitator introduces a suite of new ideas and skills from the CJM communication methodology. You’ll be on your feet practicing the new skills using your own communication to apply the learning in the moment. This is a fun, safe and immersive environment.

1 day

Personal Brand | Physiology | Hand Gestures | Visual Aids | Energy


Further skills are introduced and solidified into a step-by-step guide for deliveries. You’ll work in small groups to trial some of the techniques and you walk away with a fully formed delivery by the end of the second day. Perfect if you have an upcoming presentation, pitch or conversation in mind.
Throughout your friendly facilitator or coach will provide helpful feedback use to help you embed the new skills and perfect your delivery.

1 day

Voice | Storytelling | Nail The Opening

Sustained learning

We provide access to follow-up videos for 4-weeks that help you practise and keep developing your skills. Download step-by-step communication templates (that we often hear are kept for many years) to support the development of any important communication.

4 weeks access

Nailing The Close

18% Early Bird Discount
Available until 1-month before the training.

If you book in early you can save $475. Use the promo code EARLYBIRD22 at checkout to secure 18% off the full price. ZipPay options are also available.

2-day face-to-face or virtual delivery
FOR ONLY $2,640

Our signature communication skills training program ensures that every message you share is retained and remembered.

2-days of training
8-weeks online support
Immersive workshops
Downloadable templates
Live facilitated experience
Develop a communication
Individual coaching
Small groups

Your top 6 questions answered

How much does the course cost and do you offer special pricing?
AUD$2,640, however, we offer a 18% discount until 1-month before the event date. Use the promo code EARLYBIRD22 at the online checkout to receive the discount. Or if you are paying by invoice, mention it when you send your enquiry.
ZipPay is also available.
Can I pay via invoice?
We’re happy to invoice you or your organisation (if your company is paying for you), please use the ‘Contact Us’ button at the bottom of the page and state you require an invoice.
Will I receive a certificate of completion?
You'll receive a downloadable The Colin James Method® certificate of completion at the end of this program. You can add this achievement to your LinkedIn profile and CV to demonstrate your participation.
What does the 8-weeks online support include?
Throughout the 8 weeks, you’ll have 24/7 access to a modern and easy-to-use mobile app where you can access extra learning modules. Short training videos help prepare you for the courses as well as provide post-session insights that keep you focused and sustain your learning.
You’ll also have some activities and reading to do to make sure you hit the ground running on the day and can make the most of your time with the facilitator.
How will this program support a team?
These skills not only provide your team with newfound confidence in multiple communication scenarios but also make the delivery more effective. Allowing for more efficient meetings, streamlined communications and buy-in for ideas. Clients notice an immediate difference in their team's presence and a marked difference in their ability to drive initiatives, motivate others and engage in any setting.
If you have a large team you may wish to consider our in-house corporate training options.
Who else will be at the workshops?
This public training program draws a broad range of professional attendees across a variety of seniority levels, job roles and industries.
We provide an inclusive environment where being amongst the wider collective extends your learning as you see the techniques being utilised in different scenarios.
So often we get feedback that people wish that they had done this training earlier in their careers. It provides you with great tools and frameworks to get ahead of your peers and kickstart or refresh your career.

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Participant Stories

What people say

Hear about previous participants' impressive outcomes and results after attending the program.

nick-preshaw ANZ case study
Nick Preshaw

Capabilities & Facilitation Manager

I’m always thinking of the easiest way I can prepare – so I’m not going to be nervous or not going to worry about presenting. Certainly, a lot of the frameworks taught have helped me with that.
Alyssa Yoong

Head of Business & Improvements

I think the biggest takeaway is that after you see how well you perform using the method, you can’t revert to the way you were communicating before. That’s a big win.

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