Mastering Communication Program Online

Discover the secrets to building greater confidence and engagement every time you communicate with world-class online communication skills training.

20 hours of on-demand content for only AUD$790

Perfect for:

Develop the critical skills to influence and engage your audience

Build the communication fundamentals to grow your career

Improve your presentation skills and delivery

Developed by internationally acclaimed facilitator, Colin James

Flexible access 24/7 via our online portal and mobile app

Includes videos, downloadable templates and interactive Play.Book.

“I was totally surprised with how interactive it was and how practical the course was. I was engaged from the first module."

– Sharleen Edwards, Personal Assistant, BDO Auckland

What you'll learn from our
world-class communication training?


Communicate with confidence

Feel more confident communicating with different seniority levels.


Boost influence and buy-in

Be memorable every time, effortlessly nail your opening and influence.


Relevant business storytelling

How to use conversational business stories to motivate, engage and change behaviour.


Engaging presentation skills

Learn how to use your physiology, voice, visual aids to design and deliver confidently without slides.


Prepare and rehearse like a pro

Save time and prepare with confidence using our simple and trustworthy design tool.

Public Speaking

Build executive presence

Supports you to build a strong personal brand that allows you to stand out and have impact inside your organisation.

Trusted by leading companies and influencers

Meet your expert facilitator - Colin James

Internationally acclaimed speaker, corporate facilitator and coach, Colin was awarded Australian Educator Of The Year 2008, Australian Keynote Speaker Of The Year 2020 and scored the highest rating as a speaker across Gartner global conferences in 2018.

Online module breakdown

Discover what you will learn in each module of the online communication course.

A warm welcome from our Co-Founders. Giving you insight into what to expect, and preparing your mindset for the journey ahead. You’ll also gain access to valuable resources that you will keep for life.


  • Course overview
  • Introducing the Play.Book. and templates
  • The importance of communication skills
  • Setting your learning objectives

To be heard your people need to grab their audience’s attention by speaking to their concerns and priorities. In this module, we explore how to diagnose an audience by looking at the outcome from their point of view.


  • Understand the audiences and what they need
  • Tailor messages to be relevant to them
  • Identify what you want them to feel, think and do
  • Get started building your own world-class communication

An introduction to a framework that helps you to make a stellar first impression, every time. 


  • How to nail the opening and close of a communication
  • Overcoming your audience's preconceived fears and objections with ease
  • Introducing yourself with confidence and authority
  • Discover four key steps to delivering something on the spot without time to prepare.
  • Continue building your own world-class communication

We now shift gear to focus fully on your delivery. How do you make your ideas shine? How do you engage your audience and leave them with a repeatable message?


  • An introduction to our core delivery methodology, before we dive deeper into each element of the PAVERS® framework
  • How to overcome negative self-talk and increase your confidence 

Keeping people interested and attentive is a challenge with so many things competing for their time and energy. Becoming gesturally aware will help you stand out before you speak a word.


  • Learn how to use your physiology to enhance your messages
  • Using anchoring to aid comprehension
  • Using your hands artfully to control your impact 

Communication means nothing to an audience without tone, visuals and the speakers' ability to convey context through energy and emotion. The best communicators understand this and don't leave it to chance.  


  • Ensure your communication is infused with interest, variety and impact
  • Exploring visual aids beyond PowerPoint
  • How to project the right energy and integrate humour effectively

Aside from using people's names, inviting interaction, referencing and acknowledging people's input, there are a range of other elements you can experiment with to ensure you build effective relationships during your communication.


  • Using language artfully to strengthen your message and be inclusive of your audience
  • Build the skills  to connect and bond with any audience
  • Managing questions and crowds like a pro

Stories save a lot of words because they help the listener create meaning and encourage them to make their own connections as they hear them. However, often people are afraid to employ them in business settings. Learn how here.


  • Learn how stories transform your impact
  • Build your own repertoire of stories
  • Key steps to telling stories that motivate, inspire and engage 


Time to put all you've learned into practice as you review Colin's delivery. Whilst also learning about the importance of brand. Something you will have strengthened immensely throughout this course!


  • Building your reputation at work
  • Learn how to rehearse effectively 
  • Reflect on your journey
  • Next steps to continue your success


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Unlimited access to all training modules
and documentation for 4 months

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Mastering Communication Online is self-paced which means you have the flexibility to choose how and when you want to study. 

You have the freedom to learn at your own pace, with up to 20 hours of material and exercises included.

You will have 4-months unlimited access to the course content, giving you plenty of time to take in the breadth of content.

You'll receive a The Colin James Method® certificate of completion at the end of this program. You can add this to your LinkedIn profile and CV to demonstrate your achievement. 

The combination of live training videos, templates, exercises and a helpful Play.Book. ensures skill development is ensured and sustained. We keep participants on track with emails and app notifications, helping them to continually progress with bite-size pieces of content.

Ongoing practice is critical to communication success, yet one of the biggest challenges is getting real-time practice and feedback ahead of the real event. The worksheets and activities provided within the Mastering Communication course will give you the tools to help you to practice your skills with colleagues, friends, or in front of the camera.

Developing the skills to cut through the noise and deliver a compelling message is critical to thrive in today’s highly competitive and dynamic workforce. Polished communicators who can lead, collaborate, present and engage effectively, get real results and stand out amongst their peers.

Our Co-Founder Colin James is a profound introvert with a passion for teaching. Over the past 30-years, he has studied the best communicators he could find to become the extraordinary communicator he is today. Teaming with Co-Founder Erica Bagshaw they created their powerful training methodology now used all over the world so that anyone can build the foundations and practise excellent communication.

Participant outcomes and results

"Completely changed my communication approach, it’s been so powerful."

Bridget Whelan is the new Group Head of People at Saracens Rugby Group. When given the opportunity to apply for the role, Bridget realised her communicating capability was not serving the growth she aspired to achieve in her career. Our methodology from the Online Mastering Communication Program gave Bridget the frameworks and skills needed to start the new job full of confidence.

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"I truly think it’s unlike any other training offered.”

Now a Services Account Executive with SAP, Trevor became aware of The Colin James Method® as part of his training SAP Sales Academy 8-month internship in 2020. He was keen to gain confidence in his public speaking skills to help him flourish in his current sales focused role.

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"I'm always thinking of the easiest way I can prepare so I'm not going to be nervous. Certainly, the frameworks taught have helped me with that."

As the Capabilities Facilitation Manager, Nick needed to convert his face-to-face meetings and training sessions into a virtual environment when lockdown restrictions hit in 2020. He relied on our methodology and practical frameworks to uphold a high standard of engagement during this time and he continues to benefit from the learnings.

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"I really found I've been able to embed some key tools, and I really relish the uplift in my communication style it has given me."

As the Head of Operations and Business Performance at Australia Post, Celeste isn’t new to presentations and meetings. Having benefited from our program nearly 5 years ago, it’s had a lasting impact on her career. When lockdowns were introduced, she decided to redo our program to refresh her skills and translate them to the virtual format and it’s been an incredible support.

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“A superb, informative and fun course in easy to digest modules that will appeal to anyone who would like to have more impact.”

As a writer, podcaster and tour leader, Gina shares how the methodology within our Mastering Communication Online Program helped her to elevate her writing skills to persuade, entertain, tell stories and share her beliefs and opinions. She is now equipped to to artfully structure her communication to hook her audiences and drive her message.

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“I’m now using the disciplines that were presented to me at the program and it’s been quite easy to implement.”

As GM for one of New South Wales’ largest insurance companies, effective communication is a central part of Eugene McGarrell’s job. When he sent his team to our program to strengthen their skills, he was so impressed by their transformation that he decided to do it as well. Since the training, Eugene can distil complex messages using story and connect more deeply with his audiences.

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“Made me far more confident about speaking in any sort of environment.”

A rising star in her field, Kate saw our program as an opportunity to fine-tune how she engaged with colleagues and stakeholders. Often battling with public speaking nerves and unsure of her authority in meetings, she needed the tools to overcome these challenges. Kate now feels confident, authentic and clear every time she presents to an audience.

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“The toolkit you’re given is amazing and something you will never stop using.”

As an Associate Private Banker with ANZ, Belinda wanted to accelerate her communication skills to help her reach her desired outcomes in meetings and presentations. She now feels confident and equipped with a life-long toolkit she can use at any time to engage her clients more deeply.

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“I now have the tools and methodology to ground myself and prepare.”

As the global lead for education at Austrade, Rebecca is constantly challenged for time. Deeply immersed in technical content, her senior leader recognised that developing Rebecca’s ability to communicate clearly would have a profound impact on her effectiveness. Since our training she is already saving herself time and feels able to prepare effectively.

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“You’re out of your seat constantly - really interactive and immersive.”

Already an experienced speaker and facilitator, Chris’ saw our program as an opportunity to optimise his role as Strategic Business Coach at Actionable. Immersed in our unique methodology, he not only gained practical techniques and tools he could apply immediately, he was also inspired by his peers and stayed connected with the group after the program.

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“We saw more confident staff and our customers were able to trust us a lot more.”

After a lead analysis discussion, Josh’s former capability team recognised the need for change. Staff were lacking confidence in delivering and pitching offers. They were missing opportunities. Our training enabled their teams to overcome these challenges and supported Josh with a communication tool kit for communication in his new leadership role.

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“It’s really changed how they use their body and how they tell their message.”

Throughout 2 buyouts and corporatisation, Carolyne implements change, new programs and initiatives across her organisation. Her senior team relied heavily on slides in presentations and struggled to get messages to land. The staff were bombarded with information from many channels and nothing was sticking. Since our program, they are confident, impactful and deeply engaged.

The Good Guys
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“Since my appointment as an Executive Manager I’ve been able to go to my toolkit.”

When Hazel was recommended to our program by her leader she saw it as an important step in her career. Knowing many of her senior leaders had also done our training, she knew it was an opportunity to develop her presence as a leader and refine her skills. The learnings have helped her feel confident in her new position.

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“It’s very good to have engaged people who are nodding and want more information.”

Regularly engaging large audiences with the global organisation’s key messages is part and parcel of Daniel’s role. But without an understanding of how to plan and deliver well, he admits the process was daunting. Since the program he feels far more confident with preparation and noticed a significant lift in how his audience responds to his communication.

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“The ongoing coaching provides the opportunity to really embed the learning.”

Working in development, Tanya already knew that anyone could learn and improve but it was our communication training program that delivered real change with ongoing learning. With no shortage of applicants, the chance to expand their skills in a safe and supportive environment was key for her teams. She says our ongoing support has been an important part of maintaining the change.

Australian Super
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“I’m even more relaxed onstage and it makes for easier delivery”.

As an experienced speaker and trainer, Maria was drawn to our program to augment her natural skills and talent with the artform of methodology. She now has a reliable structure to base her content off and her keynote topics are designed in a repeatable form. She already feels far more confident and relaxed on the stage.

Inner Edge Wellness
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