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Colin James Reveals 6 Confidence Lessons At The Isagenix Leadership Training

If you’ve already heard Colin James speak, read his blogs or attended one of his online training events, and you still find yourself craving more….. you’re in luck.

The Summer Kickoff Leadership Training event, provided by Isagenix, created the opportunity to see Colin live on stage, where he exclusively revealed how to be naturally confident when presenting. We all know how our work and life routine can be challenging, particularly if being self-assured isn’t one of your strongest skills.

Colin was amongst the awesome line-up of Isagenix leaders that included Dr Suk Cho, Tony Blodgett, and David Wood. The four-day conference was an opportunity for individuals to discover how to become exceptional leaders.

But guess what? According to Colin, everyone is a leader and anyone can see their confidence levels soar to new heights by learning the intriguingly titled Lizard Management Strategy.

Curious? At the event Colin shared how tos including:

  1. How to engage your audience/colleagues consistently and communicate your ideas. Polishing your capabilities to be more engaging, more precise and more successful as a communicator will help your future success soar.
  2. How to communicate through your body. Colin revealed how posture, gestures and movement can make a difference in the way you energise and engage a group.
  3. How to learn and master confidence. Colin believes confidence is like any other skill. Nail it and it will not only help you build your business and career, but also improve the way you communicate.
  4. How to manage difficult people. They are just as easily compelled by inspiring interactions as any other person – no more awkward silences and tough conservations again!
  5. How to create a supportive and healthy relationship with your heart and mind. The most important thing Colin highlighted was that bad feelings and negative thoughts that may be keeping you stuck can be banished.
  6. How to use confidence to overcome fear. By letting go, you will start to look forward to experiences without any fear. Not only that, you will become more curious and interested in them and enjoy them as they come.

It’s a challenge. Being assertive and having no self-doubt is a hard skill to develop, but not an impossible one.

“Confidence is nothing more than a feeling. It’s nothing more than a state of being. So what causes someone to be more confident than another?” – Colin James

Let Colin guide you through the life-changing experience of the Lizard Management Strategies. By applying the Lizard Management Strategies you begin to banish those negative thoughts and step into your greater potential. If you’re one of the first 150 purchasing the complete bundle for $69 you will get a Lizard Postcard for free!

The Colin James Method® Facilitators train corporate executives to improve their leadership skills with a proven methodology. Our highly trained Facilitators and Coaches are recognised for their experience in their fields and have worked with many individuals and organisations around the world to master the art of communication.

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