What A Joke!

One of the challenges with humour is that it is idiosyncratic.

We all have different preferences with humour. We find some scenarios funny and others definitely not. Something, which I do not find funny, could be hysterically funny to you.

We highly recommend using humour to bring a presentation to life and some ways are more successful than others. Let’s unpack this a little more deeply.

Most people think that to add humour, you need to tell a joke, however this is not advisable unless you are a professional comedian. Why?

You run the risk of offending people.

There is always someone who might find the joke offensive on some level.

However, if you do want to use a joke, here’s how you can frame it (carefully):

“I am about to tell a joke. Now look, it’s not that funny. It is just there to support a point I want to make.”

The joke is now used as a reference point for a key factor in the content piece that is being delivered. The joke is not intentionally used for laughter but instead used for meaning.

If you would like to learn how to inject more humour into your presentations, study comedians like John Stewart or Shaun Micallef who use humour to present serious ideas.

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