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Want To Increase Sales? Teach Your Team To Pitch Better

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Remote work has shifted how we communicate and sell to clients. In today’s online environment, it’s important to adapt to the new landscape to increase sales. But remote selling requires some new skills and tweaks to exisiting skills to effectively communicate the value of your product.

Are your teams struggling to reach sales KPIs and close deals with clients?

More importantly, is this affecting the growth in revenue for your company? If so, there are likely a few different variables at play.

There may be a lack of clear messaging when selling or pitching. Team members could lack confidence in their delivery or use too much jargon. They also may not have built a solid foundation of rapport with their clients.

It’s also common to lose a lead when prospects show scepticism. Employees may be struggling to manage objections, concerns and pushback from clients in a sophisticated manner.

Not sure if the pitch they’re using is effective? Read about the 7 deadly sins of pitching here.

Don’t let your team’s poor communication skills hinder sales KPIs

Consultative sales training can markedly improve your team’s client communication skills, and in doing so, increase sales and growth in revenue.

Learning how to pitch effectively is helpful for sales, and project management – anything where buy-in is required. These skills will last a lifetime and remain applicable if someone shifts into a different role internally.

What should pitching training cover?

If you want to increase sales, pitching training will need to cover several elements.

Firstly, a pitch needs to have a coherent structure that is highly relevant, engaging and memorable to the client.

Participants need to be able to determine a client’s pain points to provide them with applicable solutions. The focus should be on easy to understand messaging rather than technical expertise and jargon.

Learning how to actively listen and read body language to gain trust is important. And how to use voice, energy and business-relevant stories to influence clients. Training should also build participant confidence in dealing with challenges and how to manage client questions and objections with ease.

All of these things are more difficult to do in a remote situation but with the right training, you can craft an impactful and convincing virtual pitch.

Check out our free 30-minute webinar for an overview.

This underperforming team doubled their sales!

There are numerous options for sales pitching training out there, including our Mastering The Pitch program. Rob Geddes, Head of Services of  SAP UK and Ireland chose this program for his sales team when they had to adapt to a fully virtual way of working during the pandemic.

His team of 12 had a below-average sales performance the previous year and Rob wanted to invest in their capabilities to support success. He was convinced that they could do better.

Because Rob had previously completed our Mastering Communication training he knew that the online video method we use is designed in a way to be practical yet engaging. It keeps users energised throughout the sessions – even in a virtual setting.

After taking the training, Rob’s team’s performance greatly improved, to the point of doubling their sales. The training gave them more confidence and maturity, as well as the ability to consider the customer’s perspective: what they want them to feel, think, do and then commit to.

Invest in the Mastering The Pitch program

Do you want to support your team so they excel at hitting sales KPIs?

‘Mastering The Pitch’ helps your team develop more confidence in pitching, and build their comfort levels so they can sell any idea, product or concept. They’ll learn how to translate technical jargon into simplified messaging, establish rapport, hold consultative conversations and successfully pitch for business or buy-in.

EOFY is coming up in Australia, so why not use the last of your training budget for this financial year, to increase sales and set up your team for success next year, as Rob did?

Enquire about our tailored pitching and communication skills training today!

The Colin James Method® Facilitators train corporate executives to improve their professional communication skills with a proven methodology. Our highly trained Facilitators and Coaches are recognised for their experience in their fields and have worked with many individuals and organisations around the world to master the art of communication.

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