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Craft An Impactful And Convincing Virtual Pitch

Captivate and persuade any audience using video conferencing to successfully influence buy-in on your ideas, products and services.

Craft an impactful and convincing virtual pitch

Create energy virtually

Don't let the technology dampen your ability to build rapport.

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Secure buy-in for ideas

Create a message that they cannot say no to.

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Hold their attention

Maintain engagement and retain their attention virtually.

Without the energy of face-to-face connection, virtual pitches can be dampened by a lack of engagement and interaction. It’s critical to get your audience onside for buy-in, but how do you achieve this in a virtual setting?

This 30-min webinar replay will provide deep insight, practical tools and advice for anyone who needs the green light on ideas or services in 1:1 and group video conferences.


What we’ll cover…

  • How to plan and pitch your ideas or services with 4 simple questions
  • How to build rapport with your colleagues/boss/client virtually
  • Tips on how to pitch to individuals vs multiple stakeholders in this setting
  • How to use the technology to support and enhance your pitch

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