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When Anita Metcalf, ANZ’s Private Capability Manager, was asked to present to a group in Western Australia, her excitement turned to serious nerves as she attempted to pull her content together. With so much to say, and so little time to say it, she watched, appalled, as her content spiralled out of control. What she had imagined to be an inspirational delivery had spiralled into a verbal diatribe that even she couldn’t memorise, and she knew she was in trouble.

When Mastering Communication was recommended to her by a colleague who had been through the program, Anita was curious. Having done a communications program in a previous role, she wondered how comprehensive a two-day immersion workshop could be. Could one program help her overcome her content issues as well as the nerves to present with confidence? Would it teach her all the communications skills that she would need as a leader?

“The Colin James Method’s® Mastering Communication Program was amazing. I now know how to structure my comms, which makes such a huge impact in the way each presentation – or even informal conversation lands.“

It was the framework that helped her structure her content for impact that Anita claims helped the most.

“The structure that The Colin James Method® teaches, helps you think about the audience and the comms journey they need to be taken on, instead of what YOU want to deliver to them.”

Anita now knows how to create a clear concept, underlying principles and add the detail, where and how to use storytelling. And, how to effectively plan all types of communication, so that the audience listen and remembers the most important elements.

“I wish I’d done it YEARS ago. With the CPD hierarchy, your words can be more confidently conveyed. But Mastering Communication taught us so much more than that – the program also taught us about voice and how to project it across the room with confidence.”

Anita commented that being given the tools to present with confidenceputting nerves aside, was the icing on the cake for her.

“I now am not afraid to speak in public, and I can prepare quickly and efficiently. I’d estimate at least a 75% improvement in my written and spoken communication since doing Mastering Communication – it was the best two-day investment I could have made. Now, when I send my comms for internal review, there are only a few tweaks here and there, rather than a complete rewrite. I think it is a relief for everyone!”

Michelle Newman has a similar story to tell. A Home Support Reform Manager in Aged Care, Michelle’s ability to influence people during her presentations had the potential to impel people to act and drive huge change. And yet, she knew she was guilty of Death by PowerPoint.

“The issue for me was confidence. I know my stuff, but I would rather people looked at the slides, than at me.“

Michelle felt the weight of responsibility on her shoulders – she worked in an important area and knew it was time to seek out help. When she found The Colin James Method®, the Mastering Communication Program looked comprehensive. But before she committed to the two-day program, she decided to team up with a colleague and attend a bite-sized Masterclass – for a test run.

“I was really impressed with the Masterclass, and knew then that they delivered what they promised. I asked my colleague to send me on the very next Mastering Communication program, and it was agreed. I was off!”

Now, when asked to present to audiences of 20 to 80 people, Michelle can plan and produce her presentations effectively.

“I know how critical it is to nail the opening. Getting the audience to sit up and listen is the hardest part. Once you show you have something important to say in an interesting way, the audience is yours.”

Michelle also talks about how much easier planning her talks are now that she has the structural framework.

“I decide which three concepts I want the audience to grasp in a short timeframe, and build out my presentation from there. The Colin James Method® shows you just how to support your points with compelling stories and evidence that helps the audience remember and value your information.”

Michelle believes the program has not only improved her confidence and abilities, but also her impact on her audience. She noticed specifically how she was more successful in influencing decisions among her internal stakeholders.

“I think the Mastering Communication program improved my abilities by a solid 25% in just the two days of the program. But after the program, I’ve seen continued improvement – these techniques are those that you continue to practice and refine in everyday situations. That’s the difference with The Colin James Method®. It doesn’t teach you the traditional methods of PowerPoint presenting. It teaches you what you need in today’s world to influence and engage people – and that takes an ongoing commitment.”

Michelle talks of the importance of refreshing your skills in this area at least once every few years, explaining that both our practice and learnings become outdated, and we all have the propensity to improve.

“I can see the change happening. Now, when I leave a presentation, I get LinkedIn requests or requests from people who want to be involved in my initiatives. It is a really exciting shift.”

Now you’ve got the stats you need to be convinced, why not try us out. Sign up for our Mastering Communication Program and get the skills you need to stand out and succeed, just like Anita and Michelle. Don’t delay, register today.

The Colin James Method® Facilitators train corporate executives to improve their professional communication skills with a proven methodology. Our highly trained Facilitators and Coaches are recognised for their experience in their fields and have worked with many individuals and organisations around the world to master the art of communication.

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