How To Add Energy To Your Next Presentation

Want to make your next meeting or presentation more dynamic? Here is an easy solution you can use to add energy fast…

Have you noticed that you can tell just by the way someone walks into a room whether they are feeling confident or intimidated… they haven’t said anything but it’s the way they carry themselves, it shows through their physical presence.

One of the biggest pitfalls of the presentation or facilitation experience is a monotone voice. Would you agree? A monotone voice comes out of a monotone body. So the more you move your body the more your voice moves.

Try this quick little exercise:

1. Say a sentence in a monotone robot-like voice, as if you were talking like a machine, “This will make a big difference to the way we work.”, without moving your body

2. Now couple the movement with a gesture. Hold your hands out in front of you in prayer position, repeat the sentence and on the word “big”, open your hands wide while maintaining the monotone voice. See what happens…

What happened to your voice when you moved on the word “big”? Did your voice follow the movement?

Whether you are seated in a meeting, on a teleconference, or behind a lectern on stage, physical movement will support the words that come out of your mouth to deliver your point energetically and increase engagement.

In the next few updates, I’ll show you some fundamental tips about your physiology that you can apply to your next presentation.

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