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Communication Defines The Success Of Great Leaders

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Believe it or not, leadership and communication skills are not automatically acquired from long-term business experience or being promoted to a top dog role.

In fact, complacency in these areas is why so many great initiatives don’t make it over the line.

How many times have you sat in conference rooms, training rooms, meeting rooms and been so numbed by the communication that you barely remember what was covered? Let alone have a clear idea of what you’re going to do differently.

When you’re the person doing the communicating, how are you perceived?

The amount of money spent annually on meetings, workshops and conferences is huge. Yet often people come away with very little that is relevant or memorable. This is a gross waste of everybody’s time and money. As a leader, you want to be the person that people look forward to listening to, who is seen as valuable.

We need to shift the dial on how we communicate to make meetings meaningful again, make every conversation sing, and our message impactful.

And so how do we do that?

Whether you’re a business pivoting your culture and readjusting your values to underpin the behaviour and the performance of your organisation.

Whether you’re a business focusing on having a different customer conversation or putting customers at the centre of your business and retooling and refocusing your sales team to communicate more effectively in that light.

You might be making big system changes and the way people work is shifting.

Whatever is going on in your organisation, and in your career…. effective leadership and communication skills are paramount.

Already consider yourself a good communicator?

For many people, they say, “Well, that’s okay, I’ve been communicating all of my career and been quite successful so far, thank you.”

And that’s very true but the demands on a communicator these days are very different from the demands of a communicator five years ago and even three years ago. The change that is going on in our living environment and our working environment is happening at such a rapid pace we can barely keep up with it.

Think about the context of globalization.

A lot of teams are now spread across geographic locations, there are cross-cultural mixes, there are different language groups, there are different disciplines.

We’re putting in multidisciplinary teams now. Middle management layers are being taken out of organizations and so the usual hierarchical communication isn’t as common as it used to be either.

So, if you don’t have positional authority, if you don’t have subject matter expertise authority over the colleagues and teams that you’re needing to influence, how do you communicate influence effectively?

Why communication is an ongoing journey

Think about the shift that’s going on in the last 10 years. You’d have to have been living under a rock not to have seen a TED Talk, watched a YouTube video or a Facebook Live. The instantaneous medium of video communication has really shifted the game in the requirement for engaging leadership and communication.

There’s a level of sophistication now that wasn’t around even 5 years ago, and there’s also a level of expectation to get things quickly so the communicator needs to be engaging and entertaining.

It doesn’t have to be entertaining in a funny way, but certainly, you need to be able to hold a person’s attention for longer than 30 seconds, otherwise, you’re really in trouble.

The solution?

If you’re not investing in your communication capability to stay up to speed with what’s required now and into the future, then you’re at great risk of slipping behind in whatever initiatives you’re wanting to move forward with.

Effective leadership and communication go hand in hand and so the ability to influence is becoming one of the most important capabilities and skill sets for any leader in any organizational business.

We’ve been working in this area of leadership and communication for more than 25 years. We’ve distilled our training programs down into a clean and clear methodology that is easy to take in, digest, and apply.

If you’re serious about leadership and communication, I recommend The Colin James Method Mastering Communication Online Program. Based on our in-house program, this course is designed to offer business managers, executives and corporate teams the skills and techniques needed to communicate in a way that influences, enthrals and engages – in a flexible, online learning environment.


The Colin James Method® Facilitators train corporate executives to improve their professional communication skills with a proven methodology. Our highly trained Facilitators and Coaches are recognised for their experience in their fields and have worked with many individuals and organisations around the world to master the art of communication.

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