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An Easy-To-Implement Visual Aid

While everyone seems to be interested in creating content-driven slideshow presentations, there is one visual aid that remains the most effective presentation medium of all.

Many people are investing thousands of dollars on high tech visual aids and equipment that will ‘make’ the presentation or ‘win’ that next pitch, not to mention valuable time to create slide after slide.

Remember the best visuals have been and still are the simplest.

In this two-part vlog with Colin James, you’ll uncover a visual aid that will enhance your presentation…

  • A visual aid that is economical
  • A visual aid that easily adds colour and creativity
  • A visual aid that allows spontaneity
  • A visual aid that can be used in any presentation, interactive meetings and brainstorming sessions

And most importantly, a visual aid that will enhance a presentation by adding impact and strengthening audience involvement.

Flip Chart Basics [Part 1 of 2]

Flip Chart Basics [Part 2 of 2]

Remember the five key aspects when presenting with flip charts:

  1. The use of colour to evoke emotion and feeling within your audience
  2. The right tools to use when using flip charts to make your presentation seamless
  3. How to eliminate three common challenges most presenters have when writing on flip charts
  4. How to easily use simple references such as icons and imagery to relate to your content message
  5. How to structure your flip chart sheet compared to the traditional PowerPoint slide

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