Add Zest To Your Delivery

Have you noticed that when you’re out socialising you are naturally expressive and free with your hand and body gestures, and yet, when you get up to present, you can often feel awkward and unsure about what to do with your hands?

Purposeful gestures and movement add a richness to your delivery that can help you create deeper engagement and retention for your message.

BIG Gestures

The idea of big gestures is to become animated and fully expressive as a communicator.

Big Gestures will:

  • Hold the space and attention of the room
  • Show confidence
  • Convey your message in an animated and powerful way

To ensure your next presentation is highly engaging, try adding the natural flow of BIG gestures to support your stories, ideas and words.

1. Find a shape or action that will convey the meaning of your words, bringing them to life.

For example: Holding your arms wide open (image below) and bringing in the audience “Together we can embrace this new business model”. Many of the most powerful communicators in the world use this particular BIG gesture to portray opportunity, unity and empowerment.

2. Remove ‘Elbow Weld’

You’ve probably seen it, the presenter’s arms glued to their sides with only limited movement happening? We call it elbow weld…it looks a bit robotic wouldn’t you agree?

Be sure to unpin your arms from your sides, release yourself from that lectern and allow yourself to be open and expressive with your language and gestures.

Big Gestures Rock!

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