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Making enablement and capability teams catalysts for growth​

Provide communication and leadership programs designed to drive organisational growth. Powered by The Colin James Method®​

Communication and leadership development with impact​

In a fast-paced corporate landscape with increasing unknowns, it’s difficult to provide learning and development initiatives that deliver.

We all know the importance of on-the-go learning, building a dynamic culture, and developing crucial soft skills, but how do you do it in a way that has genuine business impact with constrained resources and budgets?

The Colin James Method® removes the headache of identifying, strategising and delivering communication and leadership programs.

Collaborating with Fortune 500 companies and scaling enterprises, we partner with you to innovate and deliver your communication and leadership development.

Step into the future with the partner that helps Enablement L&D teams deliver initiatives with precision and purpose.

Training and courses done in a new and better way

We focus on ROI and your objectives

“>In-depth immersion and understanding of business needs to ensure objectives and goals are clearly defined and the paths to achieve them.

Using proven methods at scale​

Choose a proven capability partner with tested and efficient programs. Our communication and leadership initiatives are derived from the rigour of the Colin James Method® and see continuous development at scale. From working with Fortune 500 companies to emerging businesses, tap into programs that are proven to work.

Access the latest tech to enable capability​

We consistently invest in cutting-edge technology to cater to diverse, geographic, team needs and learning styles, facilitating both live and on-the-job learning. Our approach incorporates AI and virtual training, ensuring a seamless and continuous learning experience.

Tailored for you and the team​

Delivering tailored solutions where you might need in-person training for leadership and online courses for the wider organisation.


What we offer

Create the perfect communication and leadership program by utilising our full breadth of course, training modes and tools.


Live training and coaching​

Our live training and coaching is perfect for either a virtual or in-person setting where our faculty take teams through communication and leadership methodologies in a workshop style environment.

Live training, either in-person or virtual, can be applied to both specific leadership teams or larger parts of the organisation, and they can be done as intense short workshop or over multiple weeks depending on your needs and requirements.


Online Courses

While we’re recognised for our in-person and virtual live deliveries, we’ve dedicated considerable effort to crafting online, self-paced programs with the same focus on capability outcomes and engagement.

Our online courses have been uniquely created to provide continuous and ‘on-the-job’ development where our Virtual Rehearsal Rooms and AI Coaching provide on-demand tools for further learning.

An online course provides organisations with the ability to enhance capability at scale, offering sustained learning to participants who have attended in-person programs through the online course.


Virtual Practice

For any program to be successful, you need to provide the on-the-job tools that support continuous development.

Our communication and leadership courses are all supported by online access to virtual environments where teams can use tools that allows them to practice the methodologies and get real time feedback on their communication.


AI Coaching

Enabling continuous learning is crucial for successful implementation of any capability program, which is why we’ve developed tools that leverage the latest technology. Foraying into the realms of AI, our AI Communication Coach extends beyond the workshop and course by providing organisations real time communication coaching using the Colin James Method®.

Test and improve communication on the go with our AI coach that gives you feedback aligned to The Colin James Method®.


See how we could tailor your program​

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