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How To Be A Powerful Participant

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  • Adopt a powerful posture
  • Possess passion and playfulness
  • Use your voice to influence others

Did you know that you can be incredibly influential, even when you’re not in a position of power? It’s true!

How often do you see people sitting in meetings, slouching and passively participating? It gives the impression that they have nothing to contribute, or even worse, aren’t interested.

They’re missing a great opportunity to be seen as a contributor. To inspire others. To build rapport. To influence change in the organisation. And to build and demonstrate leadership qualities.

They don’t realise that a person’s demeanor and interaction is noticed and that unspoken assessments are being made for career advancement every day, not just at performance review time.

Let’s look at how you can be a powerful participant in any scenario.

Use a posture of excellence

Most of us want to be more confident – it’s a big key to career success. And part of being influential is being absolutely sure of yourself. It’s about having the strength to speak up, be noticed and engage everyone in the room.

The good news is that you can ‘turn on’ your confidence when you need it. And it’s as easy as adopting a posture of excellence. All the research shows that this is as simple as:

  • Standing/sitting as tall as you comfortably can
  • Keeping your head up
  • Breathing deeply

Parents and teachers the world over exhort kids to sit up straight; and you probably do too. It has enormous value, not only from a physical health perspective but also from a career health perspective. Next time you’re in a meeting, see if you can:

  • Stay sitting without your back touching the back of the chair
  • Keep your hands on the table
  • Have your mobile phone out of sight
  • Adopt an attitude of curiosity
  • Show a willingness to engage

You’ll be amazed at the response you get.

Harness your natural Energy

When you walk into the meeting room, bring your natural pizazz with you. Not only will it get you noticed, you and your colleagues will enjoy the meeting much more!

Energy can be hard to grasp. But in simple terms, it’s about being curious, enthusiastic and playful. That doesn’t mean cracking jokes and disrupting the flow, but it does mean having light and shade when you speak and interact with others. Because when you’re upbeat and confident, your colleagues will more likely be also.

Use a voice of authority

To stand out, you also need to find your voice of authority. In our previous post, Is Your Voice Losing You Business, we showed you how to use the 3 Ps to develop a voice of profound power:

1. Projection

Don’t shout to be heard. Breathe deeply and project your voice from your belly, on the outbreath.

2. Pace

Use a low, slower voice and allow gaps of silence to influence the room and be understood.

3. Pitch

Vary the musicality – or highs and lows – of your voice to create greater audience engagement.

Practice these proven techniques at home, in the street, at the supermarket – anywhere! Then take them into your next meeting to stand out and be seen as a leader.

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