Tanya Athans

Tanya Athans

Organisational Development Consultant

Melbourne, Australia | Mastering Communication Program Graduate

Australian Super

“It’s not just two days, walk away and never to be heard of again… people have the chance to consider their communication every quarter and receive tips and tools and hints. That’s what sets it apart from other programs.”

Working in development, Tanya already knew that anyone could learn and improve but it was the Mastering Communications program that delivered real change with ongoing learning.

What impact have you noticed since the program?

Tanya says the difference she saw was in “people’s ability to slow down and consider their communication.” It affected the content and delivery of their communication because they were not rushing and were having an end goal in mind.

One of the most important things the program offered in maintaining change was the ongoing support. Tanya points out that The Colin James Method® is there to help her team throughout their learning journey as advice keeps coming once the program has ended.

How did your team feel about attending this type of training?

For Tanya, there was no shortage of people on her team wanting to sign up for the program. She said “the main objection is not about going on the program, it’s knowing they would have to stand up, be front and centre and have people watch them. It’s only in that lead up there’s nervousness. But that quickly passes. You know people fear public speaking almost as much as death, but once people have had the opportunity [to confront it], it really does change.”

The difference for many was the chance to test their new skill in a “safe and supportive environment”. In the program feedback was received in a constructive way and “the follow-up coaching [provided an] opportunity to embed the learning after the program.”

How would you describe the quality of this training?

“I’ve worked with many consultants and facilitators and we have consistent positive feedback about this program and the facilitators. We can really see the value in doing this – they hold this as gold standard

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