Building Confidence

Presenting To Your Boss With Confidence

Blog bites: Get clear on your intention Remember, they’re human too Bring value Be compassionate At some point in your career, you will probably present to a challenging group. Perhaps it’s to a team of senior executives or board members, or external stakeholders. The thought of facilitating a tough or negative group may fill you …

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Are You A Confident Presenter?

Blog bites: Be a champion for your audience Adopt a confident physiology Bring your energy and enthusiasm Banish your inner critic When we ask people what one quality they wish they had more of, the answer is almost always ‘confidence’. Whether you want to sell an idea to your colleagues, influence a senior leader or …

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The Power Of Posture

The following might seem ridiculously obvious, and what I will suggest as a behavioural practice almost childishly simplistic. Next time you are in a meeting make a conscious assessment of those in attendance. Determine those who are nervous, engaged, self-conscious, assured, compliant, the power players, the disengaged or the negative. Do this before the meeting …

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