The 7-38-55 Model

Over 40 years ago, a man named Dr Albert Mehrabian sought to unpack the effects of verbal versus non-verbal communication, including the effects of conflicting messages. Why is it that someone who is stamping their feet while yelling “I’m not angry”, does not come across as congruent? In his study, he reflected that interpersonal communication …

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How To Present Like Dan Pink

When you become a story-teller, you can visually inhabit a character. Through simple adjustments to your physiology you could convey the idea of being an old woman, an astronaut or present a debate like an attorney at law. It is a form of performance that would be more intriguing, wouldn’t you agree? We recently watched …

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Add Zest To Your Delivery

Have you noticed that when you’re out socialising you are naturally expressive and free with your hand and body gestures, and yet, when you get up to present, you can often feel awkward and unsure about what to do with your hands? Purposeful gestures and movement add a richness to your delivery that can help …

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How To Add Energy To Your Next Presentation

Want to make your next meeting or presentation more dynamic? Here is an easy solution you can use to add energy fast… Have you noticed that you can tell just by the way someone walks into a room whether they are feeling confident or intimidated… they haven’t said anything but it’s the way they carry …

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