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The Colin James Method® develops leaders who succeed.
Our varied training services support driven professionals and businesses.

Corporate Training

Advanced ‘human skills’ are critical in business. Boost your teams’ capabilities with our tailored, flexible in-house, online and virtual learning solutions. 

Corporate Training

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Public Training

Join one of our signature programs and develop techniques to elevate your confidence, enhance your impact, and advance your career trajectory.

Public Training

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Online Training

Harness flexible, interactive and high-quality training 24/7. Perfect for large or global teams to upskill with consistent methods and frameworks.

Online Training

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Coaching & Facilitation

Unlock potential, enhance performance and support your leaders and emerging talent with facilitator led meetings, or 1:1 and group coaching.

Coaching & Facilitation

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Speakers & Conferences

Our experienced keynote speakers provide the spark that educates, motivates, inspires—and, ultimately, transforms your audience.

Speakers & Conferences

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By 2022, 42% of the core skills required for a job will change.*

- World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs 2018

The way we work is rapidly changing - make sure your leader’s skills grow with it.

Building resilient leaders with the capacity to collaborate, engage and influence is critical in a world of business transformation, automation, flattening structures and distributed teams.

In an increasingly busy—yet dislocated—world, we need organisations with superb culture and agile leaders who can effectively communicate, influence action, inspire growth, and drive change. Train your people to hone these skills and accelerate success.

Great communication is the key for your organisation to survive and thrive

Too many professionals rely on outdated presentation skills that no longer get cut through. Whether it’s a one-to-one conversation, meeting or a large presentation, superb communication is critical. Our tailored communication skills training will teach your people how to design quickly to engage, influence and deliver an impactful message, driving success within the organisation and proving ROI for the training in no time.

Manage teams, drive outcomes and build potential through leadership training

Leaders today need to be agile and adaptive, their ability to motivate, collaborate, engage and inspire is key to building an organisation of excellence. Our bespoke leadership development programs teach how to become effective leaders. They are deeply practical, highly engaging, measurable and designed to meet your goals fast.

Culture drives performance which drives results - for better or worse

A healthy culture underpins the standards and behaviour across an organisation. Our workplace culture program supports senior leaders in discovering the unspoken culture in play and then supporting the organisation to build a high-performing culture from the ground up..

Support leadership wellbeing & performance with resilience training

The pressure to deliver during challenging times can have a major impact on business performance and the wellbeing of executives and their teams. Our resilience training provides science-backed tools and technology to maintain energy, handle stress and uncertainty - without becoming overwhelmed. Ensuring your executives and their teams learn how to maintain readiness and top performance. 

Realise potential with The Colin James Method®

Practical skills-based training

Our proven methodology bridges the gap between learning (the WHAT) and practical skills (the HOW) to get results – fast. In today’s world, where communicating the Why is key, we teach the tools and techniques of How to make an immediate impact. We help your teams learn how to lead and communicate effectively, how to develop a superb culture people want to be a part of and how to build resilience in the face of constant change.

Transformative learning experiences

A learning environment like no other; our training methods keep participants engaged and constantly learning – giving them the confidence to practice their practical skills and improve their capability. By focusing on genuine real-life application, your team can instantly translate skills into results and sustain the learning long-term.



“This is the first time I’ve seen real value where theory meets application and I can definitely see myself using the techniques learned.” – Darryl Florance, Account Manager, AustralianSuper, Australia

NPS Score

Our client results

"It really differentiates what we do and how we invest in our people."

Susan Gallagher and Bernadett Fodor, Early Talent Success Partners

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“This really helps me get my point across and influence stakeholders.”

Berlinda Crowther, Director of SAP Whole of Government Contract, Digital Transformation Agency

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“People were confident and more willing to get up in front of people.”

Michael Ziccone, Capability and Performance Manager, ANZ

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Some of our programs and courses...

Mastering Communication – Public Workshop

Developing the skills to cut through the noise and deliver a compelling message is critical to make an impact. Boost confidence immediately by learning practical tools and techniques to design and deliver effectively anywhere, from one-to-one meetings, to presentations and major public speaking events. Join the 2-day workshop included in our signature communication program.

In-house Tailored Communication Training

Upskill your team to meet this year's strategic goals with our bespoke communication training. Get cut-through, engage anyone and shine brighter than your competitors with a team of world-class communicators. Tailored to suit your needs with blended delivery options including training and coaching face-to-face, online and virtually.

Mastering Communication Online

Perfect for remote team members, this online communication course provides 24/7 access to comprehensive video coaching (from Colin James) and the tools to effectively plan and prepare for any delivery. With 4 or 12 months of access your team can improve at their own pace and advance their capability with a click of a button. 

Virtual Reality App – The Practice Rooms

Practicing and perfecting pitches and presentations has never been so easy for your leaders. Using our ground-breaking immersive Virtual Reality app they can rehearse their delivery and gain valuable feedback ahead of time ensuring they shine on the day. The perfect addition to live programs to help embed the new skills.

Corporate Business Storytelling Course

Stories are an invaluable business tool for leaders as they ignite our imagination and cut-through quickly, grabbing the attention of the audience. Choose from a range of delivery options to elevate your team’s capacity to tell relevant business stories that motivate, engage and change behaviour.

Leadership Development Programs

Exceptional organisations are powered by exceptional leaders. Our tailored leadership programs use a mixture of leadership profiling, facilitation, training workshops and 1:1 coaching to build the comprehensive suite of skills required to motivate, collaborate, engage and inspire excellence. Our challenging and demanding programs ensures your leaders thrive long-term.

Culture Change Program

Innovative, collaborative and inclusive cultures foster high performing teams that can strive for greatness. We establish a strong organisational culture that brings out the best in your teams with our tailored culture programs.

Resilient Advantage Program

Dealing with globalisation, accelerating change and constant disruption can be difficult for your leaders to navigate. We offer individual and group training and coaching programs to learn practical and innovative tools and techniques that strengthen resilience, flexibility, efficiency and results.  


Free Ebook

Captivate your next audience using story

Memorable stories lead to an engaged audience, ready to act on your message. Show your teams how to share stories like a pro…


Increase impact in meetings today

Learn 6 secrets to immediately increase the impact in your organisation’s meetings with our on-demand free video designed to fit around your busy schedule…

Free Ebook

Build a memorable presentation

This guide will introduce your leaders to the art of delivering a presentation with confidence in front of anyone…

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In today’s dynamic and challenging workforce, your leaders need more than technical expertise to succeed. Leadership training and development provides them with the tools and skills to support their everyday work.


This development will transform the impact of your team, growing their ability to deliver high performance, inspire and motivate, stay focused in times of challenge, and remain agile.


We offer a variety of training options including workshops, coaching, online training and facilitation to ensure they are supported with the right tools to thrive.

Exceptional organisations are powered by exceptional leaders. We offer a variety of training options that can be selected to suit the needs and size of your team. Our programs use a mixture of leadership profiling, facilitation, training workshops, group and 1:1 coaching to build the comprehensive suite of skills required to motivate, collaborate, engage and inspire excellence.

Engaging teams, clients and stakeholders is paramount in a constant and fast-changing environment. Leaders who can deliver engaging presentations, compelling pitches and inspiring contributions in meetings can influence fast and drive growth within organisations.

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